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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chicken Coop and Garden Update

It's been a while since I posted a chicken coop & garden update... but honestly it's been a while since I have have really updated the chicken coop and there's that...
You can see the post and before pics of the area here
I don't ever think I posted about how I made a fence and sectioned off the dog pen that is now the chicken yard... I would say the yard is about 30x40-50ish ft, so it's a relatively good size. So, I decided early spring, I would section off the pen, build a fence and start a rose garden...I had grand plans of having a beautiful coop and garden co-existing. To do this tho I had to open the back of the pen up to the woods... there was an old hog wire fence between ours and our neighbors property, so I bought some extra hog wire and connected on and then went around to our fence and pen... so they had an extra large area... everything was great for two weeks...until I believe a fox or some wild animal snatched two of my white Cochins...back to back... on Fridays (a week apart). Now, you may be thinking why did you let it happen a second time? Well the first time, I thought it was a looked like a hawk had swooped in, so I set up some wire "mission impossible style" and went about my business... well the next Friday, I came home and my second white hen had been taken, only there was a trail of feathers that lead into the woods onto my neighbors property... I tracked it to a clearing of trees and it looked like my poor girl had been plucked raw... but she was no where to be found, just a ton of white feathers...It looked like someone had a pillow fight in the woods...?!?!
  Odd! That's for sure....
So needless to say, we closed up shop, and no more woods foraging until we can get a tall fence, a real fence... for whatever reason...whatever it was "knock on wood" has not ventured into the pen... they are enclosed in a coop at night surrounded by a 5ft tall chain fence.

So my whole point in telling you all this, is that in the mean time, in that two weeks
 before all hell broke lose, I had planted a rose garden. 
I planted several Floribunda bareroot Roses and some larger Iceberg Pink Roses, some climbing roses for the fence, I also planted some knockouts as well...they're just hardy little roses.

I'm slowly mixing in different perennials to eventually have a quaint English Style garden.

Luckily the chooks haven't bothered it, but this weekend I decided to be proactive, instead of reactive, and I temporarily fenced in the rose garden with that hog wire we were no longer needing...

We have had a ton of thunder storms and the yard was just a big muddy mess, 
so I went this weekend and got some Alfalfa Hay.
The flock has been having a ton of fun digging through it.

If you follow me on IG then you might of seen my Insta Stories, 
 that I'm trying to break this tiny little stubborn chook.
This is Evelyn, and she has gone broody.
She has been spending her days and nights in a broody buster to try and break her wanting to hatch eggs. I let her out periodically throughout the day to test her and let her run around. She's getting better, but she's already been in Broody Jail for 4 days and still keeps going back to the nest...although now she doesn't make a straight b-line for it...
she stops to have a scratch and peck first...
I have to give her E for effort, she's strong willed... that's an understatement...

I plan to take the hog wire fence down as soon as the garden has matured, they can't do too much damage to established plants, they'll mostly trim the bottoms for you, 
but to that young of plants, they can really put a hurtin' on them. 
I also plan to install a pea gravel path, and some box woods. I would also like to put a small kitchen garden to the left and grow just a couple of things maybe like black berries and cucumbers...IDK yet...I'm still scheming....


You can see the post about our coop here

I know I'm going to get a vine to grow on top of the coop, to provide a bit more shade and bring in some bugs for the ladies, plus I just love vines growing on ANYTHING!

Inspiration Pic via ~ Google

I also have a plum smoke bush I need to transplant, it would also provide some nice color and some shade to the girls and roo.

Hopefully I will have more for you soon:) It's so hard building a garden some times, on one hand I enjoy putting it in and cultivating it, but on the other hand, I just want the look of something established... like right now... I am however trying to be better about documenting my progress, I'm bad about just going from start to finish with  anything in between....

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