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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Modern French Country Dining Room Progress

Almost another week down! I'm so ready, between work, DIYing,
 trying to exercise and lets not forget trying to break a broody hen, I'm pooped!
 I'm looking forward to chilling this weekend and finishing up on some small things....

 So at the end of my ORC reveal,
I talked about making some changes to my kitchen and dining area. I also talked about going to back to my eclectic and french country roots. I talked about how I came to a realization while doing the ORC, that I keep fighting against what my house really is instead of embracing it. I got on the "Modern Farmhouse" bandwagon and instead of incorporating modern here and there, I had to go all out and try to convert my home into a modern farmhouse. I had even schemed of a way on how I could paint my house and make the exterior look more modern.
I honestly don't know what broke my spell, but what ever it was, I'm glad it did. I'm not modern, I like modern aspects, but I like french, rustic, chinoiserie and farmhouse aspects as well. 
And that's exactly what I have decided to do, a mix of all.  I am no longer going to limit my style, define my style and most certainly, I'm not going to compromise my style.
No, I'm just going to do me.

So right after I ended the ORC Challenge, you can see the room I made over in six weeks here, I started looking for a chandelier to replace...the one I had just replaced... That makes since right?

Here's a recap of what I'm talkin about...

Don't get me wrong, I loved it, at the time. But as time went on, I just felt like something was missing in my life... and that something was gold and crystaaaaal. Yassss baby... I missed the bling...
And I so need it in my life.

So insert perfect gem of a chandelier right here into my life....

They call it the Downton Abbey and it's ever bit as gorgeous if not more in person...
No! I'm going to say more in person...definitely. 

Is it not stunning? I'm just in love with it, and it has the perfect gold tone, it's more antiqued than the shinny bright gold. Which I love, this one looks aged.

I went on the hunt for the perfect vase and florals to be a good supporting character and to accent the chandelier. I knew I wanted a chinoiserie chic vase, but thought I originally wanted one with more color.  At the end, I opted for a more traditional blue and white. I love the ginger jar in my living room and decided to carry it throughout.

I opted for light pink roses and accented them with white and ivory country style sprays. I also inserted some green foliage that looks similar to eucalyptus leaves.

I added this old shabby door that I have had sitting in a spare bedroom for three years now, always moving it out of the way and cursing it. I decided I wanted something rather large to sit in the corner, but not be obtrusive, something that would stand out, but not compete for attention. 

It hit me one night to drag this baby out and see if it would fit the bill. I had this feeling I was exerting all this energy for nothing, cause this sucker was heavy, 
but when I placed it up against the wall, I loved it instantly.

Its funny how we sometimes have the perfect thing all along.

If you noticed in the very fist photo, I also changed out my island chandeliers. I changed them back to the ones I originally bought for the island, except this time, I altered them. They were originally a dark bronze, but I decided to make them gold to match the dining room chandelier. However I did not want to spray them gold and it look terribly fake.

So I opted to use this stuff...

It's a gilding wax, and I discovered it back in 2013 when I started painting furniture, it's much like rub n' buff, but I like this a lot better.

So I added it to my chandeliers and even to my ceiling medallion for a little extra somethin special.

Here were the previous lights, again it was a nice change of pace...

Now here are the crystal ones.
I need to fix the wires, I couldn't get this particular style of wire to loop into the twist rod, so I will need to tape them and cover them with fabric.

Next is countertops:) I'm leaving it a that!
I will also be finishing up on the powder bath and the laundry room this next week...
 hopefully this weekend, so be sure to stop bye!

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