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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

One Room Challenge Week 6~ It's Show Time

It's show time folks!
Cue the Curtains! Dim the Lights!
Just kidding,
 I actually changed them out so they would be brighter!

You guys, I can't believe I made it to the finale of week 6, 
when I think back to the beginning and challenges of this room,
 and lets not forget painting that ceiling,
I. WANT. TO. CRY... 
to cry I tell seriously... tears of JOY of course:)

I'm especially proud of this room because I did it 100% on my own. As I have mentioned probably a gazillion times, my husband is Active Army and currently stationed at FT. Leonard Wood, so on this challenge, the cheese stood alone (that's me, if you didn't get that cheese reference;)

Not to beat a dead horse, but I did it all.. painting, tiling, cutting, sawing, nailing, hanging, cleaning, staging, etc... you get it... but I just wanted to make sure... on account of me being so proud and all...

This Challenge taught me that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for, it also forced me to put myself out there and socialize and meet new bloggers, and it has been wonderful. I'm super outgoing in person, but shy on the internet... I know backwards right... but for me, I like being able to read people in person, facial expressions body language, etc. So it was nice to be encouraged to talk to folks that otherwise, I would have never known about.
This challenge also forced me to use items that I deemed no longer worthy of placement in my downstairs décor #snobface but, it's true. I was able to use 85% of things I already owned to create this room, which helped a lot when it came to the budget.

So about the budget... I'm not really sure what I spent, I tried to keep receipts, but things got trashed, lost and switched around. I think all in total, I spent around $12-1500 most of that was on things like paint, wood and the few things I didn't have, like the fireplace insert,  the bed and the table. I think I bought a handful of  things for the décor, small things like fabric, those lanterns and a few pillows.

And you know, it's crazy how everything came together and flowed as if I bought it especially for this challenge. I initially worried about having essentially, two separate areas, the guest bedroom area and the living room, since I had a blue&ivory rug and a red rug, I worried about getting these two areas to feel cohesive.  So, I made sure to coordinate all the fabrics and sprinkle the two primary colors (red and Blue) thorough out the palette.

The funniest part, if you asked me randomly if I like the color red, I would probably spout off NO, quite hastily... but I if you notice, it's all throughout my home,
so obviously I do have an affliction for it!

Ok so enough rambling... without further ado,
I give you
And yes, just in case you are wondering that Miller sign lights up... 
for when we want to kick off our boots and get real fancy!😏

The painting is my creation and is on a 5'x7' canvas. 
I do sell them in my Etsy shop and add new ones every so often, 
you can check out what I have here.
I made sure to incorporate all colors in the room to tie everything together.
I love how art can take a space and really add a wow factor to it.

I have had this canopy since I was in college and have been dying to use it somewhere, but just couldn't find the perfect spot.  I remembered I had tucked it away in a closet and so I decided to try and incorporate it into my design. It gave this little area just the right amount of texture and whimsy and to me makes it feel a bit more private and very special.
I layered one of my faux cowhide rugs and it gives the area a special chicness...
is that a word?... 
Yes, I suppose it is:)
You can find those here
Catch up on the other Posts of the ORC here. I shared before pics on Week One.
Gathering these posts here, I looked back on some and MAN what a roller coaster of emotions. I'm literally giddy when I look back at the progress of this room.
It's come along way, and I have come along way. I almost feel guilty for letting this beautiful room sit for four years when it took me six weeks to make it come to life.

I have many favorite aspects to this design, but I think my most favorite is this fireplace. Re-purposing the entertainment center into this gorgeous focal point has got to be one of my prouder design moments. I racked my brain trying to think of something this could be turned into, when I really just wanted to yank it straight out. I'm so glad I was able to think outside the box on this really brings a lot of character to the room.
I just wanna give a big thanks to Linda @Calling It Home for hosting this challenge, I have had the hardest and best time doing this. Part of me says never again, and part of me is already planning the next one for the fall.... I guess we will see! I'm going to take off from decorating this weekend and then finish up my powder bath and laundry room, both got put on hold for this and they just have minor finishing touches...I will also be making some changes to the kitchen and dining area, 
so be sure to check back for those updates!
I appreciate all of you who followed along and checked out Raising A Farmhouse, and all the kind words and encouragement throughout this process! It really means a lot.
My home and blog have come along way from the first few posts and it has been such an incredible journey, I have met so many amazing and talented friends.

Oh and be sure to check out all the other amazing rooms! It's going to be a fun and inspiring day!
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

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