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Thursday, May 4, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week 5, Picking up the pieces

I can't believe we are nearing the end of the one room challenge! 
I have one week, officially, 
to finish this massive room and I'm feeling the pressure😓
As I mentioned in the last post, I went to Ft. Leonard Wood 
to visit my husband who is stationed there until OCT., it was a great visit, 
other than it poured buckets of rain the entire time I was there... 
I also barely made it out... almost all roads were flooded and an entire 
section of the interstate was flooded.
 So, I had to drive an hour north just to go back south... whew! 
I'm glad that's done and as they say,
 there's no place like home.

So, I believed once I got home, 
I would just jump back on the transformation train and 
whip this room right out... 
ya...freaking... right.... 
when I say I have been lacking motivation... well... that's an understatement.
So what do I have to show you for a solid week? 
Not much!
Like seriously... 
here's a stack of pillows....
and the fabric that was suppose to be pillows by now.

I covered the back of the chair....

I do love this fabric tho...

And... I have been finishing up on the trim... which now I need to paint... 
but I don't want too😩

Final List

1.Repurpose the Built In
2. Tile around the kitchenette
3. Create Artwork
4. Make Pillows.
5. Paint window frames
6. Find Bedding
7. Fabric back of Chair
8. Slip Cover other chair.
9. Make-over Ceiling Fans
10. Clear out leftover junk
11. Clean Carpet (doing now)
12. Finish wall trim 
13. Paint/touch up
14. Hang Pictures
15. Assemble Bed/Table
16. Arrange Shelves
17. Stage the Decor
18. Fix Chandelier Wires

I have absolutely no doubt that some things on this list,
 just won't get done by the deadline...
but I'm OK with that,
I'm just going to do the best I can and 

hey... hopefully it all works out!

Here's how everything is stacking up... this is rough guys.. so no judgement... 
I'm in the process of cleaning the carpet now... 
first, I'm spot cleaning and then I will shampoo it....
I also realize, this is kinda dumb, especially since I still 
have some touch ups and obviously am not super careful...
I just wanted you to know... that I know...
I'm also clearing out all the tools.
I also need to fix those chandy wires and get
two more light bulbs...that might help...😏

I wanted to show you these in hopes to really wow you with the final product in week #6 :) and I also wanted to show you I have a really long way to go in one week. :/

I will also be bustin out the good camera for week number 6...
that's right...bringing out the big
So...Lots and lots to do! Wish me luck friends... 
I feel there are going to be some late nights this weekend!
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