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Friday, May 12, 2017

The ORC Aftermath: A Before and After Comparison

Maybe it's all this "free time" I have now or maybe I'm just not sure how to function any other way then 'under the gun' but I wanted to show a side by side comparison of the One Room Challenge I completed. I have been clearing out stuff and loading the trailer to take to the curb this weekend...and picking up after the aftermath of what is the ORC... and it got me thinking... I never really did show super good before pics... mostly cause I was embarrassed that the room looked like that. Now that it is all finished, I only feel it's right  my duty to show you how it really looked.
 Besides, who doesn't love a good before and after!
I have linked most of my products and or similar items in my 
original reveal post you can find that here.

So here is what I started with, taupe, this taupe... it's everywhere. This was the it color in 2005-2009, our home was built in 2007, honestly I still see it today in spec homes, and it makes me shudder... not that I would ever want to put someone else's taste down, but really, please do any other color than taupe, I get it if you can't do white, I really do, but please, seriously....
choose anything else...
I have been painting, for since... I think 2015 and I am almost done, aside from a couple of ceilings, this taupe has been eradicated from my home...
So that's a little background for my disdain of taupe and again,
 I truly do not mean to put the taupe homes of America down, if you like it... rock it... 
you do you boo... 
I just can't fool with it...

So here's a side by side or more of a top and bottom comparison....
I painted the walls and ceiling in Valspar Ultra White, the trim is done is SW Dover White, it's more of a creamy white, but I don't mind white walls and cream trim. I'm sure it would drive some crazy... but to me it's different and I'm all about that...
I painted the back wall of the room in SW Black Magic. When I first showed my husband the black wall, we were face timing and he was completely silent when I showed him. Which pissed me off greatly, cause silence equals dislike... I then told him when this challenge was done, I would make his email public so all the ladies on IG who commented that they liked my design could email him and tell him what a choad he was... he had a good laugh.. Wednesday night when I texted him pics of the final reveal, he was in awe and very complimentary:) it made up for the 'moment of silence' , so back to the  room...I placed vertical wood boards on the walls for a sort of faux 'board and batten' look. This gave my plain walls some texture and added the illusion of height to my 8ft ceiling.


It may be a little difficult to see in the photos, but the entertainment center was originally a light tuape, yes I know, how could I? Especially after all that bitching I just did... but in my defence it was an Annie Sloan Color, so I rationalized it... I was wrong... so wrong...
For this challenge I painted it in another Annie Sloan color called Aubusson Blue and waxed it with her dark wax and lightly kissed the edges with a gold French gilding wax.
It turned out gorgeous.

The real show stopper is this french empire chandelier. I originally bought this for down stairs and had it there for the first three years, but as per usual I got a wild hair to change everything out and be more "modern".... what a crock...we are who we are, and I love gold and crystal. The truth is, if it doesn't say I'm bougee AF, then I don't want any part of it... thus, I just ordered a new empire chandelier for the dining room and my old crystal chandeliers that were over the island are going back up, this weekend. I'm tossing out that sputnik and forgetting about this ridiculous stage in my life.
You see, for the most part, I do me, but every once in a while I fall victim to the "crowd" way of doing things or something catches my eye and I think I have to change everything. I'm done with that game. This challenge brought me back to the original me. I'm super eclectic at heart. If I love it, I buy it, and because of that one simple rule I typically follow... everything looks great together, it flows.


It was really important to me to have a super functional space, I wanted an area where we could relax and watch movies, a place where you could eat and or play cards and an extra guest area. But one major challenge was that built in. When I originally started re-designing this space, I was just going to put some doors on the Entertainment Center, paint it and call it a day. The way it was positioned, it made it difficult to put a sofa in front of it to watch tv, so we never utilized it as that, it was really just a junk catch all.

One night browsing the inter-webs, it hit me...
I should turn this into a fireplace, 
but not just any fireplace, a shiplap fireplace,
and not just any shiplap fireplace....
black one!
Yaaaassssss betttttttch!
And so, it had to be.
I cringe when I look at this. No really I do... we made these shelves in 2015 right before Thanksgiving, we were having some friends over and we thought this would be a great idea to really "fix up" the place. I remember thinking these shelves were "boss" and we were so good...
It was my idea to stagger the lengths... I probably shouldn't own that one, but it's just to dang funny... I love going back and looking at pics and saying what was I thinking? 
Why did I think this was so good? I shortened the shelves and it's so much better. 
Sometimes not being "different", not trying so hard, is just best.

I had originally planned to paint the cabinets black, but once I got the black wall done, I felt it would be too much, plus I was too tired to paint it any other color then what it was.
I had originally planned to do this "faux subway tile" that was going to be so much more work than just regular tiling... less money... but more work... I opted to spend a bit more money and get the real deal and save myself a hassle. Some times knowing when to pick your battles is priceless.
I opted for the hexagon tile, I purchased it from Home Depot and got WAY too much! I either under estimate or over... it's never just right, but I figure there is somewhere 
I could probably spruce up, so it's all good. 

I worried about this area the most, my husband thought it was weird at first that I wanted to add in a second guest area? I don't get why that's weird? Is there some unwritten rule about only having one guest quarters? I mean you don't tell people... well you have one bathroom... why do you need another? Yes people can function with just one of anything for the most part, but it's just a nice to have, and honestly I felt like this is what this nook was made for... There's already a little built in desk so what else besides an office could you put here? 
I didn't want just a bunch of little seating areas... it's not a cocktail lounge...

I had originally bought this rug for down stairs and used it for about a year, but I was always so nervous about it getting stained, I even put plastic carpet runners on it when it was downstairs. This area is not a high traffic area and the dogs are not allowed up here during the day, so I don't worry too much about it.  So another dilemma I worried about with this area, was it not flowing with the living area and all the red over yonder... but one night when I was digging through closets looking for lost and forgotten items, I came across this bedding, and it was perfect, it had the red,
 cream, blue, grey and black I was needing.
And the fact I didn't have to spend extra money was oh so delightful!

So last but not least, is the ceiling fans, I went back and forth on whether to keep them or not, truthfully I hate the look of ceiling fans, but I love the nice breeze of air circulation. So ultimately I chose function over looks, which doesn't happen 'round this house often. To help offset my gagging feflex, I took off the disgusting amber bell shades.. I don't know what you call them, their technical name... other than unfortunate. I sprayed the little light sockets black and bought new round clear bulbs... it's hard to see in the pics, but it's such an improvement. 
I also replaced all the canned lights with BR30 Natural Daylight Bulbs... what a difference... 
the original lights were almost red compared to these. 
I highly recommend them and I purchased them from Lowes!

Well friends, that pretty much wraps it up. So what will life be like after the ORC? Well I'll tell you, I will be finishing the final touches in the next week or so of my Laundry Room and Powder Bath. I will also be changing out the chandeliers in the kitchen & dining area... and very soon,
 I am going to be attempting a super crazy, daring DIY that involves my granite kitchen counter tops...
It will be either the most brilliant DIY I have ever done, or the most expensive "F@#K UP" in the history of ever and possibly lead to divorce...
Do I have your interest peaked? I need some ride or die chicks at my side;)
Thanks for stopping by!


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