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Monday, May 22, 2017

Vintage. Modern. Floral. Laundry Room ~ Progress

First I would like to say, I expected to be way further along then this. I started designing my floral laundry room project here, before the ORC with just a few things to finish up,
but these few things are taking quite some time.
I had planned to have my stenciling done by Friday night and then I could move onto my counter-top (the one in the laundry room) this weekend.
Well we had some storms roll in, and the power went out right when I was that set everything back... 

But I wanted to show you what I did accomplish. 

Before I started working feverishly on the ORC project here, I hung up these globe lights.
I just love them, I found them at Amazon and they are perfect and a perfect price. The original ones I wanted looked just like these only a bit larger and nearly triple the price. 
No thanks 
I initially worried they would be too small, but they're not. They fit perfectly in this space and I just love the modern yet vintage vibe they have.

The wall paper I used, is from Steve's Blinds and Windows... I don't remember the number for it, but if you search floral, I'm sure it will come up.
I talked a bit about how hard it was to wall paper, if you have done it, then you know...
My job is less than perfect, there are places that don't line up correctly and I have some areas I need to try and cover with some trim, it was my first time... but it's sticking to the wall...
so I feel like I'm

I finished up my stenciling on Sunday morning, I have some areas that need to be touched up, but that will be at a later time. I'm pooped and have 50 million other things to finish,
 like breaking a little broody hen.
I used this stencil from Royal Stencil Designs. 

I would like to add a wood top and maybe side to the machines, I accidentally spilled Rustoleum paint on them one summer and wasn't able to get it all off...
Plus I think it would add a nice warm farmhouse touch, which I'm never opposed too.

I love the Black and White paired with the floral, it's such a nice fun pop.
I have had this little laundry sign since forever... it's nothing fancy, I think I got it from Hobby Lobby, but I think it's pretty cute, but I have debated on leaving it black or spraying it gold?
What do you think... if you could let me know in the comments, I would greatly appreciate it:)
I'm torn... I think either or would look good...I'm leaning towards gold though..

I'm hoping next week I'll have the counter-top finished. I also need to paint the trim around the door and figure something out with the dirty dog door...hmmmm....IDK yet....
I'm almost done with the powder bath...Hooray!!
I can't wait to show you:)
Have a great week guys!

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