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Monday, June 5, 2017

Limed Oak Doors, New Counter Tops and Broken Hen

I feel like this weekend just zoomed by, I got a lot accomplished but nothing finished. If that makes any sense?  I have been on such a consistent blogging roll these past two weeks, that I was fretting... cause here it was Sunday night and I had nothing prepared in the draft section... so I hem hawed and debated on rushing through a few things and then I thought....hold up... that's dumb... 
a. no one cares
b. no one cares....

So, I decided I would just share with you what I have been doing....

I have about three projects going on right now at the farm, and at times it gets a bit overwhelming. I'm almost done with my laundry room... I just have a few minor touches...

I started {in the middle of another project, because that's what I do} making over the entry doors, on the inside... they were painted black and now I'm giving them a Cerused Oak look, the pic above
 it's similar to my dining room table.
Tutorial coming soon!

 I moved my hutch, it was originally over by the entry doors,
but I moved it to where I used to have my open shelves.
I took those down and decided to put this cabinet there instead, I feel like 
it opens our space up more, so you don't walk in and ban...there's a large object to your left....

Plus I ordered a large floor mirror that is taking it's original place.... It will be by the dining room and I think it will give me the grand appearance I am so craving...

I also finally got the handles back on the cabinet. It only took me a year and a half...
I got this piece from Habitat for Humanity and redid it in Milk Paint... and I love the chippy farmhouse goodness it lends to our kitchen.

I peeled up the Ez Faux contact film I had on my Island, you can see that original post here.
If you are wondering what the heck I'm even talking about.
So, I'm saying good bye to my Venetian Gold granite...

Bye Felicia,
You won't be missed!

It's been long overdue.

and....I'm saying hello to this....

Now wait for it...
 if I told you this is a DIY would you believe me?

I may or may not be a little quiet on the home front for the next few days, wrapping some things up, but rest assure, 
I will be back with some tricks up my sleeve 😏

Have a great Monday!

I think chicken little has finally been broken, yes I think Evelyn is on her way to broody recovery!!!
Thank goodness!

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