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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Young Living Essential Oils~ Why I'm Sold

I was recently contacted by Samantha with DewDrop Collective to try out some samples of Young Living Essential oils.  I honestly think I'm one of the only people on God's green earth that has absolutely no knowledge on the benefits of therapeutic oils.

But I was eager to see what all the hub bub  was about!

She sweetly sent me some samples of the Dental Floss, Frankincense, Peppermint, Tangerine, a sleep concoction and some Rose Ointment.

I must say I am very impressed with the oils, I really like mixing in the Frankincense with my coconut oil nightly, for a nice moisturizer... it's too soon to see any real benefits,
and I don't have troubled skin...
 However I am 35, going on 36 in August and
anything that helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles,
 I'm all about!

But, really what stood out the most to me was the
 Rose Ointment.

About two or three years ago, I developed these weird little round dry spots just around my ankles and top of my feet, I have three places on my right foot and one place on my left foot.

They have become unsightly in my opinion, they looked dark like bruises and had a thickened, dry and almost numbness to the touch.  This year has far been the worse, they actually started to peel...

Have you lost your lunch yet? Or breakfast?

Sorry, but I want to give you a good description of what I have been dealing with...
I didn't take any before and after pics, of my feet because
a. no one wants to see my feet and
 b. I haven't had a pedicure yet, so I'll just stick to the word smithing.

But whatever this is, it's not eczema, it's some weird dermatitis that dermatologist aren't even quite sure what causes it... but I was desperate to try something...
I'm not going to inflate the truth and claim.... this miraculously healed me....
But, I can tell  you that it has helped so so much.
These rough patches are actually shrinking, they have turned into a light pink color (which makes me think they are healing) and they're quite softer. Oh and I have no peeling...

 So needless to say, I will be a Rose Ointment user for life....
Plus I read you can use it around your eyes for fine it's a twopher.

I also have been using the Peppermint oil, I did as Samantha suggested and put some around my temples, at first I didn't dilute it so it was a pretty strong sensation and my eyes watered a bit while I did my chores, but I did enjoy the nice cooling effect.... the second time I used it I diluted with some coconut oil and put it on while I soaked in the tub and it was quite heavenly...
I'm going to try adding some to my shampoo to stimulate my hair follicles at the scalp...
might be a nice touch.

I'm super excited to learn more about essential oils and the benefits they can have.
So far the Rose Ointment has me a believer! I will def be buying more.

What are some of your favorites,
do you have any good recipes I should try?

If you would like to purchase some Young Living Oils, please contact Samantha Welch.


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