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Monday, July 17, 2017

A Farmhouse Living Room Refresh

 It's safe to say that I'm glad this weekend is over... I don't usually say that, but this weekend was especially difficult.  Saturday was my husbands birthday and it also marks the month that we have been separated for six months now... not a marital separation... but an Army one..
and quite frankly I'm over and done with it. I don't think we have gotten to celebrate his birthday together in over 5-6 years... something always comes up or in between us...mainly the Army and while there are many benefits to living the military life, it does take a toll and I was feeling that toll this weekend. In fact, I was throwing myself a big ole' pity party.. but I don't even care... 
I deserved it...

It was also amplified by the death of my favorite hen.... I believe the fox struck again, she was just gone, with nothing but a pile of her beautiful lavender feathers left behind.
I don't really want to even write about it, other than to say it sucks. Big Time.

So needless to say, I needed something to take my mind off of things and it was either burn the house down, or refresh a few items...obvs I chose the latter:)

I started by getting the red rug out... I love that rug, but something
 about it with the lighter sofa... I just couldn't handle any longer.

I replaced it with this smaller jute rug that was behind the sofa in the area between the bar and the sofa... essentially... I just flip flopped them.
Here's a link to the rug and it's on sale!

I also replaced the little marble table I had with this barrel table I already had.
I think for now, it fits better with the neutral color scheme.

I also found my little glass vase and added the light lavender hydrangeas to it. I love the simplicity and elegance of glass. It adds a certain glam, but remains non obtrusive. 
I like that... I'm sick of things being obtrusive.

I also took down the lavender from the fireplace and put if on the gold mirrored tray.
 I then placed the rocking horse on the mantle.

I added a little texture by draping the sofa with tasseled blanket.
I bought nothing new...shocking.. I had all of this in my "left over" room.
It was nice to give this space a new look and feel, without spending any money.. I think I needed it.
Sometimes I feel like I need a reset button from life.
I have been so busy with projects, that this weekend was the first weekend I really didn't have much going on... so naturally it was a weekend that had to be emotionally trying.
I'm telling you, I was ready to give up raising chickens... it can be so disheartening at times. But I have to remember, that this is part of life. Sometimes life isn't fair and it isn't beautiful. But it is my job to find the good and the beauty out of it. The reality is, these things happen, they happen to everyone, everywhere. I'm no different. I gave her a good life and got to enjoy her for a year.
That's all anyone can do.

RIP Beautiful Girl.



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