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Monday, July 31, 2017

A Grand Leaning Mirror~Now That's a Mirror

There is just something about a large grand focal piece in a room.
My personal favorite, is a giant mirror.
Mirrors add a touch of elegance, they reflect light and give your room an overall larger appearance.
And... when you find one with gorgeous carved detail...
well friends...
that's just icing on the cake
I have had a mirror obsession for quite sometime... I remember purchasing another large mirror when I was younger to decorate me and my husband's college apartment.
It was $100 dollars and was such a huge expense for a broke college student, but it was a steal for the size and was so gorgeous and just the statement piece our tiny 700 sq ft abode needed.

And every time someone walked in to our place they were greeted with a giant grand mirror over the fireplace in this teeny, tiny apartment, it was unexpected...
 it was our statement piece and it got the attention it so deserved.

Fast forward to moving back to my home town when my husband got deployed in 2007, 
the mirror went into storage and was going to be reprieved in 
its new role when we built our house back in 2008.

Long story short, things shifted in the storage unit and my beloved mirror was broke...
such a sad day, and 10 years later, I had never replaced it..not because I couldn't find anything I loved but because they were too dang expensive.

But no matter what I put in this area of our home, things just looked odd. Nothing fit perfectly! Our home is VERY open concept. This space is right by the entry doors and next to the dining room.
I originally had a china hutch there, that now sits in the kitchen. It sat there for a  year or so until I couldn't take the bulkiness any more. I wanted something that would command attention, add height and give a grand illusion but also not take up too much of foot print.

So I took to searching the inter-webs for a giant leaning mirror, with full knowledge that I was going to have to let go of some cash to achieve all said things above.
I usually am against buying expensive things and like to DIY everything as much as I can, but since I saved a boat load by DIY'ing our kitchen counter tops which you can ready about here...
 I justified it in my head that it was OK to purchase the mirror.
I still felt some guilt when I pressed on that purchase button... Until it got delivered and I un-boxed it... then any remorse went flying out the window.
 I chose the GIGI Leaning Floor mirror.
Here's an affiliate link...

I had to help the poor delivery man get it up to my door... there is no way he could have done that had I not been home. It was packed extremely well and I ended up having to call my folks over to help me un package it since it was shipped in a very sturdy wood crate.

No dents, cracks, scratches...nada...zip...zilch... it was perfect.
The antiqued gold finish matches very well with the chandelier I chose for the dining room.
You can read that post here


It's however not real wood, it's some type of resin, it's light weight, 
but it doesn't take away from the beauty of it.
I was actually shocked it wasn't heavier because it looks like a solid massive piece.

It did come with an anchor kit, which I immediately installed in the wall.
It's such a beautiful piece, I don't feel like the pictures capture it's true beauty and all the detail.
But it's exactly the focal piece I was looking for.
It's rougly 7.5 ft, my ceilings are a standard 8 ft, which is something I hate about our house, but it's a full two story and I guess space was more important to the previous owner than grandness..
So I try to maximize the illusion of height as much as possible.

I love that it adds a sleek sophistication to the whole house, 
it sits in a spot that  it can be seen from pretty much all over our home. Even tho it's a very ornate piece, I feel large mirrors displayed by themselves are just so modern in their own right.

I'm honestly so happy with the direction the decor is taking. I'm working on adding some prints to the living room and I'm already thinking of a fall color palette.... too early? 
I say never ;)

Stay tuned friends!
Have a Fantastic day!

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