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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Sleepy Time Recipe

Good Morning friends!
Hope you are having a fantastic start to your Wednesday!
So yesterday afternoon, I took a trip to Whole Foods to pick up some fresh flowers for my upcoming Fall Home Tour I am going to be apart of... So, while I was there, 
I thought I would go ahead and pick up a few essential oils.
I recently got into to oils when a sweet young lady named Samantha sent me some to try out. You can read about that here.
She sells the Young Living oils, which I love, but I'll be real honest.. I don't have $30-85.00 to spend on one bottle of oil... and even if I did... I still wouldn't.
Now they are probably better quality, but honestly I don't know the difference, nor do I care.
 I personally think the ones from Whole Foods are just perfect enough and expensive enough.
So I have been researching some Sleepy Time recipes, that require you to use a roller ball and use on different places of your body like feet, neck wrists...as I age, I'm looking to get the best sleep I can and the healthiest way I can. I used to take sleep aids and found out that many can cause an onset of early dementia... No thank you... so I'm always on the look out for natural alternatives.
 I looked to see if they had one already pre-made but they did not.
So $100 later...(not including flowers or lunch) I bought all the ones I needed to make my own...  but yay me... It would be way cheaper just to take a Tylenol PM and call it a night... 
but I'm trying to remember it's my brain we are talking about here... 
I kinda need what's left of it...

So here's the receipe:
I got it off of a blog called Redefined Mom...
4 drops of marjoram
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Bergamot
12 drops Roman Camomile
12 drops Vetiver
15 drops Lavender
10 drops Cedarwood
Put into a roller ball and fill the rest with a carrier oil...
 I used Almond Oil...
apply to bottoms of feet, wrist, neck.
**Note.. this is for Adults**
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Always do your research and see what works for you tho, 
this may not be the right blend for you or your family.
But I love it for me personally.
I have been slowly making small changes to my lifestyle and improving my health bit by bit.
My eating is becoming cleaner and more controlled. My exercise is way more routine and consistent, and I'm cutting out chemicals where I can.
And yes $100 is a bit pricey to make an oil recipe but I'll be able to make several batches and it will go along way... not to mention I'm going to look up other recipes,
 to see what I already have and can use;)
I'll be back soon with a Fall Tour!


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