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Monday, September 11, 2017

Affordable Commercial Kitchen Faucets that make a Statement

Good Morning to ya! I hope you are doing well:)
I had a fantastic weekend of hanging out with family and just relaxing, it's always so nice to get away from  your home for a day or two. It really does help to make you appreciate it more and just not get so sick of all the projects that are lingering...
well at least that's what it's like for me...
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I wanted to share some of my favorite and most importantly affordable statement kitchen faucets.
Please ignore my un-caulked sink...
I'm still pondering on whether or not to attempt to coat a steel sink or just buy a new one...
what I really want to do is do a DIY and then buy a new one...
just to see if a painted sink would hold up...
 you know anything for my fellow DIYer's
but I want to make sure I can find one that fits my specific
 dimensions before I potentially ruin the one we have....
I just need the Mr. to measure.

When we moved into our home at the end of 2012 I knew the original faucet had to go.. it was an oil rubbed bronze spray handle faucet that was pretty low... I just didn't like it and I really don't like the look oil rubbed bronze.
Now I'm not one to shy away from mixing finishes.
I know it's not some people's taste, but I personally don't like matching sets...
 I never have.
So in my kitchen alone, I have a chrome faucet, zinc hardware and gold pendant lights...
I think it jams, but some folks may not... and that's cool.. they don't have to live here;)

So I'm so glad I chose the Kraus Commercial Faucet.
I did Pinterest back in 2012, but really not that much, it wasn't my bread and butter of entertainment or sources like it is now. So sometimes, I'm really surprised I even chose something that is so classic and has continued to look great, because to be honest sometimes I have a tendency to like trends... I try to steer very clear of that now and be aware.
But I have never regretted my choice and it's a great functioning statement piece.
Probably now if I were to build a home or remodel one for myself I would probably chose all brass... even tho I don't like everything to match.. I never get sick of brass... and one could argue that it's a trend that's come back... but I have always loved gold and when you love something...
like always loved it, then I don't think it's a trend.
I absolutely adore these pendant lights, don't you?
I had some similar in chrome, in my kitchen and I have thought about gold leafing them and putting them back in?
Not sure I will.. but I kept them, so it's an option....

Photo via Pinterest
So which faucet style is your favorite?
What finish would you chose or did you chose for your home?
I'm curious to know!
Have a great day friends and thanks for stopping by!


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