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Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall Decor and Entertaining Blogger Home Tour Week

Good Morning and welcome,  
hopefully you just got done visiting Cindy at DIY Beautify beautiful fall home tour. 
I just love getting to peak into people's homes
 and just snatch up all that inspiration... you know... 
like your robbin the place;)
And what could be better than one home tour?
 How about 5 days (18-22 SEPT) jam packed full of blogger fall home goodness!
Ummmm... Yes Please!
If you are new to Raising a Farmhouse, I just want to say thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my fall decor and find a bit of inspo, and of course stay a while!
This year I did things a bit different.
 My home has done almost a complete 180 since last year.
 I was able to get the living room and the ceiling repainted, many projects like the kitchen counter tops resurfaced and cabinets painted, I rearranged furniture, and I am really starting to like the direction and feel our home is heading in.
So since our home is mostly white, ivory and shades of.. lets just call it neutral, 
I wanted to opt in for some color in my seasonal decor.

Here in Oklahoma, it's still so hot, so not many "fall" things are out this early... like the heirloom pumpkins... you can always find an orange pumpkin.. but that's not my thing. So I ended up using most of the pumpkins I had last year, which I had painted white.  I transformed them again with some more chalk paint. I also finally made some velvet pumpkins in some really soft fall hues.
I also completely transformed our fireplace with some chalk and milk paint, 
I'll share details of that makeover soon. 
I also decided to stop by and pick up fresh florals and mix those in with my decor.
Since I have so many faux pumpkins, I wanted to add in some fresh realistic accents.

I adore these mercury pumpkins that I picked up a few weeks ago from Tuesday Morning.
I created this easy mantle with just a few glass pumpkins, handmade velvet pumpkins, old books and some fresh florals from Whole Foods.
The chippy mantle just adds so much drama to the overall effect of the mantle.
My living room chairs got a quick makeover here.
I added some faux Mongolian wool for texture.
My tufted sofa got quick cover fix, you can read about the covers here.
I also created this faux cowhide rug, I make these and sell them in my ETSY 
I'm currently almost all sold out except for one, so I will be adding more soon.
 They are perfect, as they are cruelty free, vegan, hypoallergenic and easily cleaned. 
Be sure to favorite my Etsy so you will know when I have added more inventory.
I made this trough last year out of old cedar fence posts and scrap iron. I would like to make a smaller one, if I do I will share a tutorial.. it was one of those things that I made so quick, 
I forgot to even take photos.
But, I just love the rustic flair it adds to my modern french dining room.
 I changed many of my pumpkins by dry brushing some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint onto them.
I am personally loving the darker, richer colors this season.
I enjoyed the all white pumpkins last year, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it again this year.

I found these cute little "vintage" water bottles a few weeks back at Hobby Lobby and knew they would be perfect for my island.
I'm still so in-love with my "marble" countertops... 
you can read about how I changed my counter tops for under $500 here
You can also read about my French Empire Chandelier in the dining room here

 It's been about a few months since I have redone the kitchen and painted the cabinets. Having a white kitchen has it's pros and cons, but I don't think I would trade it for anything.
 I love how bright and airy it makes the house.

I remember reading on Miss Mustard Seed's blog about a post on living with white sofas, cabinets etc and she made such a good point and it made me just go YA... she's right... she basically said.. and I'm paraphrasing... "that she understands why people don't want to live with white because I of the upkeep and maintenance but that she would rather see the dirt and take care of it/clean it... then not see it... but know it's there"...
And it really resonated with me for some reason and made me look at things so differently...
I don't look at all my white as a burden or a pain... I no longer want the mentality of... it's ok if it's filthy as long as you don't see it....gross!
No thank you...
Like she said, I would rather take care of it now, I would rather see it and see that it's there and clean it, then some how think it's clean just cause I don't see the filth...
And because of this, I've been keeping a tidier home, because I don't want all that I do, to be cleaning constantly. So I try to take care of things right then and there. 
And.... it's been working for me...

My husband was home this weekend, (we are now down to 4 weeks until he comes home
so I had him re-hang the bull horns.
I love the eclectic feel it lends to the dining room.
I know it's not many people's cup of tea, but I think it's why I adore them. 
It's a bit unconventional and unexpected. 
You can read about my grand leaning mirror here
I'll be adding more fall decor as the fresh pumpkins start rolling in to the stores. 
I want a plethora of pumpkins for my entryway, this year tho,
 I'm going to save my stems for next years velvet pumpkins!
Thanks for stopping by, your next fabulous tour is Mimi with Unlikely Martha
Have a fantastic week friends!

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