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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

life Lessons from Matte Black Pumpkins

On Monday I shared my fall home tour, I'm so grateful to Angelina with Peonies and Orange Blossoms for including me:) You can check that out here along with 25 other talented bloggers who are opening up their fall homes.

While white pumpkins are still quite the rage, 
I decided to embrace the darker side and painted a few of 
my pumpkins Graphite Black by Annie Sloan.
This is one of my favorite blacks because it is not a true black,
and it can take on so many different hues depending on the lighting.
I just gave them one quick coat of paint and let them dry.
I then used some Waverly chalk paint which you can find at Walmart in Celery which is a light minty-ish green to dry brush on some accents.
This really gives your faux pumpkins some depth and realism, 
because as you know most  no pumpkins are not a solid color.
I'm so glad I opted for the darker pumpkins this year.
I love how much depth and boldness they added to my centerpiece.
I used many of these items last year, but because I changed the color, it looks so different.

Do you ever feel like when your decorating, and you think to yourself... this looks so good, IDK how I'm going to out do this next year, and then next year comes and you love what you did even more? 
And you think, what was I even thinking last year with all those colorless white pumpkins? But then you realize, life is about stages and processes,and you have to go through one, to get to the next. 
You have to grow and build... And each year is not necessarily better, but different from the next, and your lessons learned make it feel better, they make you feel better.

And it's had me thinking.
 This is the time of year when people, bloggers etc, open up there homes to share inspiration, especially with the upcoming Holidays in the near future... but sometimes it can leave you feeling a little inadequate. Like your decor, your home, your life isn't on-par, it isn't enough,
 it's easy to do and feel that way. 
We have all been their at some point. Trust me.
But I just want to say this... Do what you can, with what you have.
Don't fall victim to the comparison trap.
You know all those memes out there about 
don't compare your chapter 1 to some one else's chapter 27... 
well those are floating around out there, cause they are good reminders for all of us.
I have been building my decor hoard for a good 3-4 years now, this year I didn't spend anything other then buying fresh florals and some velvet fabric to make my pumpkins. 
Everything else, I already had. 
I make things from scraps.
I repaint things.
I occasionally splurge on things like my giant mirror, 
but I sold some stuff and saved my money for it.
I will add to my hoard when things go on sale at the end of this season, 
so I can have something fresh for next year, 
I build, little by little. 
And it's hard at times, especially seeing some of the larger bloggers
 who look like they must have a storage unit full of 
seasonal decor, because it changes out so much.
But don't get discouraged, just build... little by little, or a lot... 
basically, you do you with whatever means you have and don't sweat the rest.

Ok, that's the end of the life lesson, and if your wondering where the heck that came from, it comes from the endless "inadequate"comments I see from women on Instagram "I know my whatever isn't that great but" or "I wish my whatever looked like this" or " I debated on whether or not I should even post this" you don't know how many times I see that one, and it makes me sad,
 and nobody should feel that way, so I just wanted to say 
hey, we have all been there and don't worry about it...

Back to Black Pumpkins...

This year has much more rustic fall colors, 
but without the feel of a traditional fall.

The thrift store lace tablecloth provides a nice contrast of softness and romanticism up next to the rustic, masculine look and feel of the handmade cedar trough.
What color of pumpkins did you use this year, or are going to use,
 I realize it's still pretty early for some folks to break out the Autumn decor.
Are you going traditional or all white or more a rustic feel?
Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!


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