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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Faux Deconstructed Chair

Happy Tuesday!
I hope you all had a fantastic Holiday weekend.
Ours was jammed packed full of projects... mostly the chicken coop...
But thankfully, that's all most done!
So  a few weeks ago, I had mentioned in a previous post that I was going to make some slipcovers for these chairs. Well Guys, that didn't work out... I'm not really that handy with a sewing machine... I can do the basic straight lines... make a pillow etc. but these barrel chair just proved to be way to difficult... I hate saying that... but it's so true...
But what I am handy with is a staple gun and a glue gun!
So Ta-Da...
I give you the Faux Deconstructed chair...
That's right it's faux cause I didn't do any deconstructing... in fact I added all this to it.
So here's how I did it!
I started by gathering my supplies:
1. Your Chair
2. Burlap
3. Balsa Wood Strips
4.Glue Gun and sticks
5.Stapler (pneumatic preferably)
6. Wood Stain
As you can see my chair was a good candidate...
my sweet kitty has so kindly used it as her scratching post.
I also gave it a good cleaning on the seat cushion area.
Our Sharpei had also been abusing it as well by sleeping in it and staining it with her drool...
lovely right...
There's one of the guilty culprits...
So first I started by measuring out my fabric for the back of the chair.
Then I draped it over and started stapling into the wood part of the frame.
Using a pneumatic stapler is a life saver... seriously if you think you are going to get into DIY and or upholstery... you need this...
I didn't measure extremely well and had pulled a little to tautly on one side so it shortened..
But no problem, I just grabbed another piece stapled it over.
The balsa wood is going to cover it anyways.
So here is the chair with the back wrapped in burlap.
So have you heard of Balsa Wood? 
I started searching for flexible wood strips one day and came across this.
Apparently they make model planes and things of that nature with these.
You can find them at Hobby Lobby and probably at Michael' fact you have probably walked by them a million times and paid them no attention or wondered what people use those for?!?
Well now you know...
If you are going to make a strong curve, you can soak these in warm water before applying them... you would probably need to tack them tho.. probably wouldn't work with hot glue...
So I smeared on some hot glue and then place them right on stop of the seams and where the chair has a natural wood bars on the inside.
I also pre-stained them, but it's hard to tell.
So I glued all around... I ended up only using three strips.
I also ended up re-staining them a bit darker.

I love the texture it adds to the chairs and yes I left the staples exposed... I like the way it looks... I understand if it wouldn't be your jam tho... you could easily cover these with wood strips..
So I ended up getting the RH "look" for a fraction of the cost.
Now would I love to have the real deal... yes of course..
but I also live in reality and that's just not going to happen.

But for now, they are perfect, and I'm happy...which is priceless folks...
I'm getting closer and closer to my fall goals:)
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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