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Friday, September 1, 2017

Twin Coverlets As Sofa Covers

Happy First of September!
This weather has be feelin some kinda way and I'm lovin it! It won't be long and the air will be crisp, the leaves will be golden and layers will be in full effect!
 I got my covers in for the sofa, and as much as 
I hate covering up those gorgeous tufts, I really feel like it's necessary.  
For over a year probably two, I have been really annoying careful with this light colored living room. But I swear to you, that past year I constantly asked my husband the question "are your pants dirty"... he works on old cars and thinks nothing of coming in from the 
garage and plopping right on down on this linen fabric.. 
The past several months have been so nice not having to ask that stinkin question...
 and I'm sure he got sick of it too , so to avoid all of it,
I ordered some covers.
Well really, I ordered two twin coverlets.
But for all intensive purposes, they make perfect sofa covers.
I love the crisp ivory color and soft chenille textured pattern.

Ummmm... and can we talk about this fringe?
I'm a sucker for fringe:)

It has such a farmhouse vibe, they remind me of the old time quilts and I love that about them...
I have started slowly adding some pumpkins to the decor. I picked up a couple of mercury glass pumpkins and I just love them...
I'm going to break up this sea of ivory with some more textures and some prints..
I'm just trying to really get an idea of which ones I want.

I did order some faux Mongolian sheep fur and I got this printed rose fabric which is from the Magnolia Line.

I plan to use the fabric on the chairs and I think make a long pillow for the sofa to incorporate the red rug that's behind it.

I like all the earth tone colors and to me it lends a nice fall vibe, but could easily be used all year.
Texture is going to be key in this living room since obviously I won't be having much color.
I still want to find a basket or tray that can be used to put on the ottoman, I have had a gold mirrored tray there for quite some time, but I'm wanting something a bit more casual.
I have a lovely one from Target I got last year, but it's round and a bit too large...
The house looks so drastically different from last year. I'm loving how much lighter and airier it is.
This time last year, I hadn't painted the ceiling yet... can you believe the whole house was this taupe color? I still have some spots remaining, but we went from 100% to probably 15% and for right now, I can live with that...
My picture quality has drastically improved too... part of that is camera quality and part of that is just trial and error of how to take better pictures. I can say my photography class is helping a lot.
It's so amazing how much you can accomplish with some paint. I still plan to eventually add some board and batten vertical slats to the living room walls, just to give it more of a farmhouse feel and add some character to the feel of the room.
But that's going to be sooooo... on down the line. I have about 50 million other things to finish up before I even think of tackling that. But that's where my mind goes... I'm ready to move on before I have even started or finished the last project...
I know I'm not alone tho... I know many of you suffer from this chronic d├ęcor disease:)
Thanks for stopping by!
And I'll see you soon!


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