Thursday, October 5, 2017

One Room Challenge: Week One

It's that time of the year again!!
I'm so excited to be doing my second ORC:)
You can see my first One Room Challenge here, when I redid our upstairs living room last spring.
This year, I will be doing an outside space, while there are still a few things to do inside my home, 
and I know this is an "indoor" challenge, this project has been lingering for quite some time and honestly we are just ready to be done with it. 

So I thought this would be the perfect time to just buckle down and get this thing done!
Not to mention, it's just kind of a unique space to do, not many homes have pool cabanas, and I have def never seen one done as a "makeover" so I thought it would be kind of fun and different.
Although... It's pouring down rain as I type this post, 
so I am a bit concerned with it being an outside project...and if there will be some snafu's... which you know there will be... but I'll be here live, blogging all about it;)

But never the less, this Fall we will be making over our Pool Cabana.
This photo below is my inspo photo... is it not gorgeous?
As soon as I saw it... I was like yesssss...
dat's it!
But here is what I'm actually working with....
Such a vast difference...
Well actually this is what it looked like when we bought the home 5 years ago... 
You're probably wondering why is there a pool cabana and no pool? 
We wondered that too when we bought the home...
Well you can read about the story of our home here... but long story short... our home was a short sale that was about to be foreclosed on... the guy who built it, installed an in-ground pool... ran out of money... or... something went wrong and then he buried it.

When we installed our pool in 2013, we dug up part of the old pool and... that's when we discovered dun da dun....there once was a pool...

I wasn't blogging or even really taking pics back then so I don't have too great of shots, we snapped this before we even owned the property... but you can see pipes coming up out of the ground..
I think this was going to house the pool equipment or something...
So, 5 years later... here is what the backyard looks like currently, 
this pic was taken in early May of this year right when we had our pool opened.
So right after we moved in, Oklahoma experienced a huge Tornado in the spring of 2013, we luckily weren't in the path but we did get a lot of hail damage and we were able to get our roof replaced and they roofed our cabana. We ended up putting our hot tub under it when we moved. 
Two years ago, I got a great idea to make a "wall of windows". 
My idea was to help block wind but still lend a view to the woods that surrounds our yard... 
So, I started collecting random windows and we started framing them in. 
Before my husband left for his training (he's been gone 10 mos, thanks Army) he decided he would build steps and enclose our hot tub... but he literally started the weekend before he left...
so, needless to say, we ran out windows, motivation, and time. Ever since then,
the cabana sat untouched for nearly a year...

I originally was going to make over my stairwell and upstairs hallway.. but I thought that's boring... and with winter vast approaching, I want this space to be enjoyable for some much needed hot tub time...

Now that my husband is coming home next week! Holla!!
I knew this would be the perfect project.
So here is how it currently sits...
Sad, unloved and obviously unfinished.. just begging for some TLC.
But I see soooo much potential, it's not even funny...

So here's the line up of what I need to accomplish in 6 weeks.

1. Paint (ceiling, posts, windows & frame)
2. Shiplap the part of the wall that was not framed in with windows.
3. Redo the chandelier, yes there is a chandelier there, but it's so dark you can't see it...
4. Finish the steps
5. Stain the Steps
6. Paint concrete to look like tile.
7. Fix Hot Tub Cover (it broke last winter)
9. Install an EZ Lift for Cover
8. Make Bahama Shutters
9. Curtains
10. Dining Table & Chairs
11. Landscape (if weather allows)
12. Decor/stage
13. Curtains
14. Cupola for Roof (if Time and Money allow)

That's a long list and I'm hoping I can accomplish most of it, however some things may just have to hold off. I have decided I will only challenge myself, physically and creatively...
 but not financially ...
hopefully I can stick to that;)
Wish me Luck and happy ORC'ing!
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