Thursday, October 12, 2017

One Room Challenge:Week 2 Steps and Stain, Oh My!

It's week two of the ORC! By now everyone should be getting into the nitty gritty of their projects.
 I know we are:)
So here are our updates for the Pool Cabana...
 you can check out week one and see our inspo photo as well.
We got the stairs done, the side bench and the back wall "shiplaped"...
We decided to do the steps in a "spa" style or what do you call a dry sauna? You know...
We wanted it to have a light and airy feel to it but cover the hot tub at the same time.
This was the Mr.'s idea, and when it comes to the dealings of the frames,wood, and what not... 
I let him run with it... cause I honestly don't have a clue sometimes as to what to do?!?
So we decided to carry out the same design and feel over to the bench side. We haven't quite figured out how we want to enclose this corner section  yet... but I do know for the bottom of this bench, Neal (the husband),will be building some doors and we will use this as storage for pool/hot tub chemicals.
Here is a shot with all the slats on. I think it looks great in these photos,
 but it looks so much better in person.
We used 2x2's for the actual step part and for the risers we used 1x2's.
I sanded all the wood down and then started staining with an outdoor waterproof stain.
I decided for the stain, I would use a semi transparent. I wanted to a bit of color but I didn't want it to be dark or over powering, and I still wanted to see the grain of the wood.
Once that was done we started installing the "shiplap" wall and 
just used a nickel to space the boards out.
Do you see the hot tub cover that is broke all to HE Double Hockey Sticks... we gotta fix that too.
We contemplated on just buying a new one, but shipping tax etc, it would be over $400 and you know... $400 could go to alot of other places on this project...easily.
So it will be another DIY. 
So if you are like us, and have a janky hot tub cover, 
we are going to show you a janky way of how to fix it;) so stay tuned...
We ran out of boards and had to make another trip to Lowes, so we are going to take it all the way to the top and yes we are going to figure out a way to cut off some of those 2x4 and cap it off so it has a finished appearance...we just haven't quite figured it out just yet...
But it's really coming along and I think a fresh coat of paint will give it the uniformity it so desperately needs.
Remember the inspo...
it's easy to forget in this sea of brown...
What's Left
1. Paint (ceiling, posts, windows & frame)
2. Shiplap the part of the wall that was not framed in with windows.
3. Redo the chandelier, yes there is a chandelier there, but it's so dark you can't see it...
4. Finish the steps
5. Stain the Steps
6. Paint concrete to look like tile.
7. Fix Hot Tub Cover (it broke last winter)
9. Install an EZ Lift for Cover
8. Make Bahama Shutters
9. Curtains
10. Dining Table & Chairs
11. Landscape (if weather allows)
12. Decor/stage
13. Curtains
14. Cupola for Roof (if Time and Money allow)

Next Step will be the Paint!
I cannot wait to paint this ceiling... the thought of it being a creamy white color is the only thing getting me through this project right now!
Well that's all for this week!
We will see ya next Thursday!

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