Monday, November 20, 2017

I painted the Entertainment Center

 You guys! I finally did it! My husband finally caved after years of persistent paint persuasion...Basically, I hounded him for about 4 years 
to let me paint the stained Entertainment Center.
We did a small makeover in the living room and ordered new furniture.. I'll be showing that soon, but you know how it goes, once you redo something...everything else needs to be redone. 
The stained EC had been the bane of my existence for a very long time. Once all the new furniture got into the living room, it stuck out like a sore thumb.  
So I picked out a color and grabbed my brush and went to town.
So here is the before. Now don't get me wrong, it was really pretty, 
it just wasn't the look I had envisioned for my living room.
This was such a huge project and it felt pretty daunting in the middle of the process. But I absolutely love the results and it was so worth all the work.
I changed out the hardware too.
I'm pretty obsessed with Lucite hardware and picked these up at Hobby Lobby with 50% off.
I didn't do matching knobs, I'm just not a big matcher of anything.
 Have you seen those books at Restoration Hardware, well at $55.00 a pop, it just wasn't feasible for how many I needed. So.... naturally I DIY'd it. I'll have a tutorial soon for you! 
It's super easy and they are just so so cute!
I'm so thrilled with how this makeover turned out, and I almost can't believe it even happened.
I have wanted to paint this cabinet for so long and I'm so excited with how this room is turning out.
You probably won't get to see the reveal without Christmas decor, until the first of the year...
But you will still get to see it... so hey....there's that:)
I will be back soon with a Christmas Tour!
Oh and I almost forgot, but have a Happy Thanksgiving:)
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

One Room Challenge: Final Reveal

Happy Reveal Day!
I'm so excited to be sharing the Cabana with you!
This ORC go around was so much different, being that I did an outdoor space. 
They're were so many variables, mainly the weather.
Yes, Oklahoma weather can be quite unpredictable around this time of year... 
well really...all year long...
So once we wrapped up some final details, the Cabana got some Christmas action.
I'm so excited about how it turned out and it makes me excited to add 
some Christmas cheer to the inside of our home. 
You can check out the beginning of this project here 
So without further ado, let's get on with this tour!
Raising a Farmhouse One Room Challenge
We started by giving the Cabana a fresh coat of Valspar paint in Crisp Linen.
This project was all about budget and using what I already had.
We accomplished most of the look with just paint. Even the floor is painted to look like slate.
You can read about how we did the floor here
Even the chickens had to come check out the festivities
I used a table and chair set that I already had... sometimes being a hoarder really pays off;)

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We are so excited how this cabana turned out, 
we didn't finish everything we set out to accomplish, but there is always spring.
We still want to get an EZ lift for the hot tub cover, we want to maybe add some curtains, and for the outside... make a cupola for the roof.
But we have already been enjoying our new outdoor space and loving the hot tub. Especially, since we got the new motor, it's been really amazing having a fully functioning tub.
You can learn more about this project by checking out 
No Week Six

Thanks for stopping by guys!
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

ORC Week 5: The Hot Tub Break Down

Well better late than never...
and before you go any further, just know this is a picture ugly post!
I just had to warn you:)
They say week five of the ORC is the hardest, and they're not joking.
I virtually got almost no work done this week on the cabana.
The temps have been up and down lately and if I'm completely honest,
I'm kinda over working on it and I've kind have moved onto projects inside my house.
For some reason this project being outside has got me in the mindset that I NEED my husbands  help, and he is home now, but he started his new job as an AO of his Battalion, and he has drill this weekend... so that's putting a damper on things too... 
And another confession... we started our hot tub last weekend and only half the jets would work.
So we called a guy... and... the guy said we need a new motor.
So needless to say, we are shelling out some coin that we were not expecting too,
which means some things will just not get done.
Which means I'm a bit bummed and defeated... bummer,
 but hey that's life... on the bright side we will have a 
fully functioning hot tub.
And if I can be honest on this aspect... (I promise I wasn't just injected with the truth serum)
I don't deal well with hiccups or set backs... and they do easily defeat me... it's like I get it in my head.."Well Game Over" especially if I have to sacrifice something for something else I didn't want... Like $500-600 for a new motor... I know we need it, but it's something no one will ever see... when you could have seen $500-600 worth of landscaping, a cupola and curtains...
 IDK I may not even get my curtains now...
And in the grand scheme of life, I know it's not a big deal, and these are sooooo first world problems... but I'm just venting... cause that's what I do...

So one positive, we did end up DIY'ing our hot tub cover, which is something we planned on doing a DIY on anyways. We do plan to get a new cover in the future, but we kind of thought hey if we can get a couple more years out of it... why not?
Last year the cover got demolished by the wind and whipped
it off the hot tub and shattered the foam.
So here is how we fixed it...We ended up cutting a piece of 1/4 luan plywood...
 we had a bunch on hand from my camper reno that we haven't gotten around to yet.
We just laid it on top, traced the shape of the foam and then cut.

As you can see in the first photo, when we pulled out the foam insert, not only was it broken, the plastic that protected it was completely deteriorated. So we put the broken foam on top of the newly cut plywood, we wrapped the entire thing in some left over painters plastic and then we used that new Gorilla Tape, which that stuff is awesome. 

So we started by taping across the package and then worked our way  up to an X and this seriously helped stabilized the piece of foam. The plywood was so thin it was a bit flimsy, which it had to fit back into the cover so it couldn't be too thick. The tape really helped to strengthen it.
I really feel like... no...wait... I know... I won't get everything I want done to it. 
But I'm going to do what I can and then just revamp it in the spring if need be.
Thanks for following along, it means so much to me and I'm sorry I don't have much of an update for you, week 6 probably won't be much either... but I'm hoping the reveal looks up to par.
Have a great week and I'll talk to ya soon!

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