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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Farmhouse Christmas

Hello and Welcome to Raising a Farmhouse!
I am so excited to be apart of It's a Wonderful House Christmas Hop
I hope you enjoyed your tour of  Leana's beautiful home from Fairies and Faunas.
and I want to give a special thanks to Olivia  from Reinvented Collection for putting on this Christmas Eye Feast! So much talent in one blog hop, I can hardly stand it!
Sooo... Can you believe we just wrapped up Thanksgiving 2017?!?
I know right, it's almost insane, I mean this year is just flying by! But I ain't mad... cause I kind of have some exciting things happening in the new year so I'm kind of pumped to get the ball rolling... I'll share more soon... oh I know, your holding your breathe right?;)
So let's get into the spirit shall we?
This year the Farmhouse got a lot of new touches added it to it.
I moved this fireplace which used to be in the living room...well it kind of still is.. the house is super open, but now it's where my hutch used to be in the dining room...
 and now the hutch is in the kitchen...
Lots of moving...and never being completely satisfied... such is the life of a chronic decorator...
Can we talk about Walmart for a sec? Are they stepping up there game or what?
I got this gorgeous tree there for $69? You heard me... and the garland was like $12.99 and it ain't crappy... Walmart for the win!
I kept the mantle simple again this year... I plan to eventually move this fireplace into the bedroom and create a new faux fireplace for the living room... ugh...I create so much work for myself it makes me sick at times... but, I want a certain look on a certain budget and that means I gotta get busy...
I picked up some ticking stripe napkins from Hobby Lobby... don't look to close... you won't see all the silverware.... he he... I didn't want to wait for the dishwasher and I was running out of day light...on account to waiting to the last minute to snap my photos...
I know your not judging me tho...
so it's all good... 
Do you just love these swans? I got them from At Home and just fell in love with them... after I brought them home, I was like .... what in the hell am I going to do with these massive ass swans?
Pardon my French... but for real....
But I think  they look lovely on the table.
The kitchen didn't get much attention, I will be gussying that up soon...

Notice anything new? Ummmm... like the whole living room...
I'm talking new sofa, coffee table, accent chairs... new painted Entertainment Center and let's not forget that studly painting of a horse.

Which something like that horse painting is usually not my cup of tea, but man when I saw it... I fell in love with it.. it reminded me of those novels I used to read when I was a kid about those horses, I think it was called Black Beauty or something... I was obsessed when I was about 10 or 11... but it totally reminded me of that and I just had to have it.

And good bye stained Entertainment Center... I won't miss you... at all...

You can read more about that project here

And we took down the Ceiling Fan, can I get an Amen!

I mean finally! This light fixture was the one that I had originally bought for the dining room, it used to be black, but it got a fresh coat of Rustoleom Metallic Gold.

And oh my gosh... do I love it!

I'm loving the whole new look of our living room, I feel like I always say that... but  we decided to change it out and have less white... don't get me wrong, I love white... and I put that linen tufted sofa upstairs for now...

But... for now I'm digging all my greys and beiges...my greiges... if you will;)



So here is a peek at the Laundry Room that has taken me for ever to finish... one day I'll do a proper tour of the whole thing, it's done... I've just been too lazy to clean it...

So for now I crammed all the crap behind those doors and you get this lovely shot:)

What do you think of my green door? It's different right... I wanted something fun and since this isn't a room you see from all angles, I decided to be a little more quirkier than usual...

We are still loving our new outdoor space!
You can read about more of our 
One Room Challenge Here when you have some time!
I hope you enjoyed the Christmas Tour of the Farmhouse and hope you will be back soon!
Have a Fantastic Holiday Season and you can follow me on 
IG @raisingafarmhouse for daily updates and shenanigans!
Next On your Tour is Olivia with Reinvented Collection
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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