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Friday, February 23, 2018

18 weeks

Today I am officially 18 weeks!
So far so good, my motion sickness has subsided and as long as I stay away from fried foods, 
I don't get any upset tummies.

My energy is coming back and I'm ready to start working on projects around the house again,
I'm making some changes to my decor, 
some finalization and some decor color choices that I can live with long term. 
I decided a long time ago I would quit my job when I became a mom, so since I won't have extra money anymore, I won't be changing my home decor as frequently as I used too. Well, I really won't be changing it all...

So I will have some projects coming up on the blog soon that are more decor focused.
So fret not, I'm not turning into a mommy blog...although you will see some of that...

We find out Monday if we are having a little boy or girl, 
so once we know we will start making choices for the nursery. 
However I am going to save the nursery for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE 
that will start in April. I'm so excited, I can't wait to find out what we are having!
We really don't have a preference and the nursery won't change much, really just whether or not we need bunny wall paper or floral wall paper:)

I'll let you know the good news soon!
Thanks for stopping by!


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