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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Furniture Makeover: Week 4~ One Room Challenge

Week four is all wrapped up and we are now heading into week 5!
I can't believe this challenge is almost over... I feel  like this one is zooming by faster then the last.
When I look at the room, I feel like I haven't accomplished much, but when I take a look at my list, I have really knocked out some large items. 
What I don't have yet, is on order too... so that's good news.
For week four I really focused on getting the furniture painted, 
the wood ceiling finished, and the extra decor ordered or bought and cleaning out the shelves.
And as you can see, I got my bedding in! I love it!!!!
It's from Restoration Hardware and it looks so stinking pretty on that crib!
I still need to steam it, but I just had to put it on and show you:)
So this gem of a dresser made its debut in the first week of my post.
This is how she originally looked too..
I got this dresser given to me by a friend, it was her mom's and had been sitting in their garage for quite some time. Her husband wanted it out... here's where I come in...and get this, he actually said to me, "Are you sure you want this? It's just MDF crap! I strapped it on to my husband's back as quickly as I could and made haste out of that garage!
I have seen women pay big money for MDF crap!! LOL  I actually ran a booth back in 2013-2014 time frame at one of those little antique malls and so they gave it to me to redo and sale in my booth... but I loved it so much... I knew eventually if I had a child I would want to use it in the nursery,
so I held on to it for that long and not painting it to see what
I would have and how I would want it to look.
And here is the final result.
I started off with a base coat of Rustoleum Aged Grey Chalk paint.
I then sealed that coat with a polyacrylic top coat and applied a
coat of Sweet Pickens Milk Paint in Flour Sack.
I wanted the dresser to really be chippy and have the grey chipping through the white coat.
Well that's  not really what I's where I get angry {sorry}, Milk paint is such a fickle bitch!
If you want that shit to peel, it won't and when you want it to stay and you add a bonding agent, it still peels. I thought by sealing the coat of chalk paint it would provide a non porous surafce for the Milk paint to chip... and usually it does... I had no problems when I did my fireplace, but this time it didn't... and when it did in {very small spots}, it ended up peeling up the chalk paint.
I was frustrated and pissed, because as usual, things weren't looking like how I thought they should look in my head. But I remembered, I had some clear wax and aging dust.
So I ended up dry brushing on some more of the Aged Grey paint, 
just lightly over the white and then thicker on the edges.
In the end, I ended up very happy with the results, even after all the bitching and moaning.
It looked as close as It could have in my head with out completely chipping all over. 
And do you remember this piece? I talked about it in my first post..
This was part of my child hood furniture from when 
I was around 7 or 8 till I graduated high school...
I think it was some part of the desk system.. it was a whole matching suite...
Anyways, along time ago, my parents brought  it over, not sure why and not sure why they even kept it. But they wanted it out of their house and dumped it off at mine.. but I'm so glad they did, because I was able to make it over into a changing table station.
I ended up  adding legs, and a top railing. 
I did the same process as the other dresser and again, it chipped even less.. 
but by then, I could care less... I was pretty much already defeated...
But I am somewhat happy with how it came out and I'm happy it has sentimental value.
It may not look it, but it is pretty large and it fits a changing pad, I just haven't gotten one yet...
I also may get new handles... my husband likes them, but I'm not sure I do. 
I just don't think he wants to potentially drill any holes.
So here is the plan....

1. We wood the ceiling to give it a bit of a masculine flare.
2. Paint the room with a fresh coat of paint.
3. Repaint the furniture in the room like the dresser and the little (I don't even know what you call it) it was mine when I was a kid in my room and I'm converting it to use as a changing station.
4. Buy the Crib, Mattress and Bedding.
5. Make window treatments
6. Buy ceiling medallion and hang light correctly.
7. Get a nice Rocker
8. Rug
9. Wall D├ęcor (vintage and new)
10. Decorate Shelves and add extra storage.
11. Layers of Texture
12. Try not spend an absolute fortune..... {update: too late...}

I ordered the ceiling medallion, the rocker, a little lamb rocker and I need to make the window treatments... and then just get everything decorated, layered, set up and ready to photograph.
As you can see, I got the shelves cleaned off, 
I need to clean and maybe do some touch up painting on them.
So... I will have a very busy week 5!
But I wanted to share the general look and layout of the room with you! It feels so good to have this room cleaned out. I'm so ready to see the final reveal!
Thanks for stopping by!


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