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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Installing a White Washed Wood Ceiling: Week Two ~One Room Challenge

This week is all about the ceiling treatment or the fifth wall as some folk refer to it.
I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was install a wood ceiling...
well actually, have my husband install a wood ceiling.
This One Room Challenge has been so difficult for me, because I am usually very hands on, and lately my back and feet just aren't haven't it!
We went with the Design Innovations Driftwood Planking from Lowes.
It was a bit more pricey then what I had originally picked out, but it would have required me to go back over with a stain to white wash it, so I felt like at this point in my pregnancy it was well worth the money to be done after it had been glued and nailed. Plus, I don't think I could have found a stain that would have made it this pretty.
 This wood is gorgeous, it has natural grey, pink, and white hues running through it.
 This was a fairly quick job, resulting in about 3 to 3.5 hours. My mom and dad helped to assist him in gluing and handing the planks, and holding the nail gun when needed.
 You may have noticed he was wearing drywall stilts, these cut out a tremendous amount of  time re-positioning a ladder. Not having to mess with that made the time go by so quickly.
He had never worn stilts before but within a few minutes, he got the hang of them. I highly recommend them if you have some ceiling work in your future. 
Just look at those colors! I'm so excited with how good this is looking!

"The right tools always make the job easier"

                                                                       - Neal K. Harvey (The Husband)

 Supply List:
We are almost done, we just have a very small sliver on the right hand side of the room that we didn't finish, it required the table saw, so I'm hoping in a couple of days we can get this knocked out.

Everything is coming along beautifully,
 tomorrow I will be 25 weeks and we are just full speed ahead!
Next week will be painting the nursery!
Thanks for stopping by!

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