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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

DIY Vintage Book Stacks

Hey guys! I hope your week is starting off really good, 
I have two Dr.'s Apt, this week so that always puts a damper in the middle of my week. 
I hate having to stop what I'm doing to routine check ups.. but such is life!
A while back I made these super cute vintage book stacks for my living room and I knew I wanted some for my nursery, you can see that reveal here.
So, I wanted to share with you how I make these super simple DIY uncovered book stacks.
I first saw these at Restoration Hardware, they don't make them anymore,
 but when they did I think they were close to around $50.
Antiqued Uncovered Book Bundles
Mine cost around $2.50-5.00.

To make these book stacks you will need the following:

Old Books

I go to my local thrift store, and on occasion they will have the books on sale for around $.50  I always look for the old hardback books, they usually have the best binds with the glue that has aged.  I get the twine from Dollar General, I believe it's $1.00 per spool.
For this tutorial I some different twine that I used from Home Depot.
These pics are pretty self explanatory, 
but you start off by slicing he inside of the hard cover.
Flip the pages over and slice the other side as well.
Then rip it right on off!
I also always rip off the first 20 or so pages, I want to get past the dedications, title page, table of contents... etc.. I want to get straight to the middle of the first chapter.
This is what the binding will look like with the cover off.

If you are lucky and the book is real old, it will look like this...
Once you have your stack, cut a piece of twin and wrap it around the book , like you do when finishing off a present with ribbon.
 I start with the horizontal piece first.
Then I wrap a vertical piece.
You can cut off the extra pieces, 
but I like to leave them hanging for extra texture and interest.
Your book bundle should look similar to this when finished.
Now display your bundles on shelves, coffee tables, end tables, night stands... really anywhere.
They look beautiful placed in just about any part of your home.
For this book bundle below, I did not wrap it, I just left them loose.

And that's it, super easy and really inexpensive to create. 
They add so much charm and texture to a room.
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