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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New livingroom rug and a redesigned wall

Ever since I started designing the nursery, 
I knew I needed to make some changes 
to our living room and dining room.... and even our kitchen.
You know when you redo one room and you love it so much and you feel like it makes all the other rooms look like crap? Well that's totally what our nursery did to the rest of our house.
So, I decided to make some changes. Since I am not working anymore and will not return to work after the baby is born, I decided to think about what I love and what I can live with long term, especially since I won't have extra money to be changing things on a whim.... and I love farmhouse decor. I mean I'm trying to run a blog on the basis of "Raising a Farmhouse" and there for a while my home decor was going away from the Farmhouse aspect... 
So when I think about what I love the most about farmhouse decor, it has to be jute rugs, ticking stripe patterns, blue and white china, crystal chandeliers, neutral colors, oh and white pitchers....
So I decided to make some changes to reflect that love!
I have had several rugs in this space and I have toyed with color and other jute rugs, but this one really takes the cake! It's so textured and plush for a jute.

I'm so glad I ended up getting it, it's by far the best look for the living room thus far.
I also moved our fireplace from the livingroom to the bedroom, so I free'd up a ton of space on our massive living room wall. I eventually want to build out a fireplace similar to the one we did upstairs... You can see that here and the final reveal here but until then, I decided to use a couple of mirrors that I have been stashing for several years. I'm not quite done with the paint job, 
I want to add a few more layers to create a french country look.
I picked up these darling striped pillows from my local Tuesday Morning, and I love the fresh farmhouse vibe/summer feel they have.
I also repainted my demi-lune cabinet white. 
I'm not sure if I'm going to add any things else to it paint any layers or waxes...
This wall has always been such a challenge for me, I seriously hate large blank walls.
But so far, I'm enjoying this look. It needs a few more finishing touches, like new knobs for the cabinet, a wall socket cover.. as you can see I'm rocking bare bones and a glade plug-in, and I also ordered a new chandelier.... etc..
So far,  I'm loving these changes, I'm sorry for the very skewed and cropped pics, but as I decorate, I make messes too... so eventually this will be all put together and
 I can't wait to show you all the changes!
More to come soon!
Thanks for stopping by:)


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