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It's taken me a while to get to the point of  being able to show you the camper.
We started this project back in October of 2016, you can check out the bIefore here. We originally bought this camper so that my husband would have a place to live while he did a 10 month Army School up in Missouri. The Army was not willing to provide barracks so renting an apartment up there would have been so much money.... but the camper ended up working out so good and ended up saving us money in the end.

This post is about the reveal and the insane story of how we pretty much got our camper for free.

I have included picture links to the products I have purchased for the camper.
These are affiliate links, please see our disclosure for full details. 

I was so excited to originally get this camper, I had always wanted one... so I had grand plans to do some traveling once we got it all done. But life happened... and now we are having a baby... which brings me to a super crazy story about this here camper!

So back in April, we decided to sell the camper, we really decided we wouldn't have the time with a newborn on the way to really do any "adventures" plus when we do have the time, we decided we would like to get a bit of a smaller camper, this one is a 31ft  and we want more of a 21 to 24 ft one. So we decided to sell... a couple of weeks go by and we have a couple people come by and look, but nothing serious... 
we then have this gentleman named Billy want to come and look at it..
I remember my husband called and said he was looking at our camper.. no one was home... I was like... hey you know anyone could just pull that camper off our property while we aren't there....
he's just like" ya...I didn't think about it till after I said he could come out"....OMG... he kills me....
So I get home, and the camper is still there... no biggy...
So that night, the guy, Billy, calls my husband and says he wants to buy the trailer... he's going to come by and get it... I think that was a Wed or Thurs. So we were super excited at the thought of having it sold.Well Thursday comes and we never here from him, my husband calls a few times, and then we find out after he calls late, that he's not going to buy it. So Friday goes by and we are just kind of bummed.... So Saturday morning I get a call from my husband super early, he was at drill. He called and said, Billy called and wanted to buy the camper and was on his way over....?
I don't even have pants on before the dogs start barking like crazy to let me know someone was in the driveway... It was unusually cold and windy for an April day and when I walked outside, he had said something to the effect of we can go in there (pointing at my home) or we could sit in his car... but it was too cold for him.... (he never introduced himself, nothing) I remeber thinking...Um ya... NO... we can talk in the camper...(not that's much safer) but, you're not gettin up in my home and I ain't gettin in the car either... 
I didn't even want to go in the camper... but I kept my husband on speaker phone 
the entire time so I felt a bit more comfortable...

He ended up paying me $2K in cash and wanted to come by that night to pay the rest... we had a agreed on $9K. So we said that was fine.  I got the cash and off he went. Well he ended up coming by super late that night around 10 or 10:30 and gave some weird spill to my husband about how he was going to Tennessee to meet up with an old girlfriend, he was going to propose etc...
He gives my husband another $2K Cash and $5K check. My husband comes in and says the word check and I'm about to flip my lid... I'm like you took a check? And he's like yes, but I didn't let him take the camper, he's going to come by on Tuesday or Wednesday and pick the camper up after the check clears. I'm like oh, ok... I still don't like it... but he didn't take the camper... So mind you this is on Saturday night...  we make sure the camper is secured and locked up and put a chain around the tires.
We're good to go... right...
Monday I'm at work and my husband calls, says Billy has a friend at the house but the chain is on the camper and can Neal come home to unlock it.
My husband tells him he can't he'll have to wait, plus that check hasn't cleared the bank.
I remember telling him, well I hope the camper is home when I get off work....
Well.... I get home after work and the camper is
The chain. had. been. cut....
 G. O. N. E.
I was sick, devastated, angry ...etc... I called my husband and we immediately called the cops.
A young cop came out to the house while my husband ran to the bank to see if the check would cash from the bank it was from. Of course the cop tells me their's nothing we can do, it's a civil court problem and not criminal? HUH?
That didn't sound right, but I'm no law expert.. so who am I to argue with a cop?
After he leaves, within 5 minutes...my husband arrives who was furious  after I told him the news, he kept saying that made no sense...etc.. I'm like ya I get it, but what am I suppose to do, hold him down till you get here? You should have been here... needless to say tensions were very high.
Later on he ended up getting a hold of a friend who is in the Guard and also a cop and he gave him a point of contact to a SGT who helped us file a police report.
She also said that kid who came out to our house was brand new and had no clue what he was talking about, it was absolutely a criminal charge.


We ended up filing an APB (is that right? not sure of the initials). We also called our insurance. Since we had canceled our initial insurance on it... since we weren't using it, we could only file under our home owners policy. Under that policy you could only claim $1500, however, since it was filled with decor an other items and I had receipts, we got the initial payment close to I believe $2300.
I was completely satisfied, it sucked having it stolen, but we recouped what we initially payed for it and I tossed it out of my mind to never speak of again...
It was done.
It was gone.
The End.
My husband continued to facebook stalk this guy and ended up calling him out on his FB page (rolls eyes). One of his friends responded to my husband and told us how he owed him money, he also wrote a hot check for a Harley he had bought just before our camper and the check that he wrote us was from an elderly gentlemen that he believed when it was all said and done he 
had swindeled nearly $100K from.
This guy was crazy... with a capital C...
So about two weeks after it was all said and done, Billy, the guy who took our camper, ends up texting my husband and says, he's really sorry for everything that happened, but if he gave us the camper back could he get the $4K back?
LOL... the balls on this guy are enormous...
My husband is like.... "No, we spent that money paying off the rest of the loan on the camper, but if you give the camper back, we will drop the criminal charges"....
We don't hear anything from him until the next day...
He texts my husband and says ok, he'll give it back, it's at a nearby local lake at this campground and it's paid up through the month. He'll leave it there and we can come get it.
So I tell my Husband, do not go near that unless the police are with you....
Does he listen? 
No, I get a pic of the camper the next morning from my husband, I call him and I'm like "the cops better be with you"...."well, you have to go through a Park Ranger, and he couldn't meet me until 2pm and I couldn't wait"....UGH... he wears me out....
So there it was just sitting there, unlocked.
We get the Park Ranger to unchain it and declare it "found" and sign it back over to us. 

So My husband drags it back home.

And... it is jacked... he stole all the decor out of it, ruined most of the paint, 
it smelled horrible, he smoked in it.
 It was filthy and dirty and gross. 
I bagged up what was left of the bedding and trashed it.
He had broken nearly every crank on the windows and then screwed them shut.
He ripped part of the dinette booth from the wall, he tore cabinet doors off the hinges, 
he drilled out the lock on the entry door.

The slide is broken, and the awning is ripped.

So we called the insurance company, 
gave them the report and the pics and they allowed us to keep the money.
So we went back and forth for several weeks on if we were going to re-sell it or keep it.
We have now decided to keep it.
Which I'm happy about. 
A. I don't want any more creeps coming to my property.
B. the Camper has some delamination on the outside and I think it will deter people from wanting to buy it and definetly giving us what it's worth.
C. I think it will be fun for when our son gets older and we can go camping, plus we love this layout of the camper and were very specific about what we wanted. I just don't know we would find one like this again,  not that it's super special... but it fit the bill for us and I already put so much work into it.
Which brings me to my next point. I will be working on re-doing this camper... again...
So stay tuned for that. I believe I'm going to go more colorful, probably a little less farmhouse and a bit more chic....it will be our home away from home, but why have two homes that look the same? I definitely am going to rip the carpet out of the slide, and rip out that old sofa and put a new larger one in. I'm possibly going to rip out the dinette as well, half of it's already broke anyways.
 We'll see...
I'll be back soon with update pics, it's so sad what he did in two weeks time, anytime we are in their trying to get a count of what we need to repair we start to get so angry... but at the end of the day... he rented our camper for two weeks for $4K... 
I would take that deal any day of the week.
Thanks for stopping by and I swear, our lives are usually not this crazy at all... but every once in a while we do get a doozy!

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