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Monday, July 30, 2018

Lucite and Gold

I think my favorite home decor accessory has to be anything Lucite & Gold...
Well actually I have so many faves, blue and white potted orchids are another fave.
But I will say I am a sucker for lucite...oh.. and gold... if I didn't mention that already.

And I finally got handles put on the cabinet in the living room. Which is a far cry and step above from the screws that were sticking out as a safety hazard for several weeks....I don't know why I agonized over which pulls I would use... I ended up going with the same ones,
I used on our Entertainment Center last year.

You can purchase these at Hobby Lobby, I just adore these handles, I have also used them in my camper, they are just so versatile, chic and transitional. They really mix with any kind of decor.

In other news, I worked this weekend on my bedroom makeover,
 so I should have some progress for you on that soon!

Hope you all have a fantastic start to your week!


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

DIY Farmhouse Baby Ring Sling

So I did a thing... I made a baby ring sling...
I ordered a couple of cute ones, but since they were handmade they aren't going to ship till around the beginning of August. Well, that just wasn't cutting it... I need to be hands free and like now...
So I got my sewing machine out and decided to make my own.
I then discovered that some how my sewing machine broke and after several hours of jacking around with it, sweating my makeup off, and nearly throwing it through the window, my husband came in and fixed it in five minutes... go figure...

But the point is, I got it made and now I can wear this handsome little devil
 whilst doing whatever I want...Almost...

I looked up several tutorials and there are some good ones on how to show you how to sew them...I want to be clear, I'm a crappy sewer, this isn't really to show you how to sew.. my stitches are super atrocious... I wanted to show you more how to assemble it and loop it.
There's a lot of written instructions on the interwebs, but hardly any good pictures, and if you're like me... I'm super visual...I just couldn't wrap my mind around how to loop it with just words...
 so I hope this little tutorial can help someone like me out there.

First things First...

 You are going to pick out your material,
I did a thin lightweight chambray looking material.
I bought 3 1/2 yards, but you only need 2 1/2 yards for your sling.

Fold the fabric in half length ways and cut it. You only need it to be between 27"-30" wide.. you should have enough to make two slings if you want.

So take your fabric and thread it through both rings.
I got my rings here

Next you will fold the fabric over and sew. I folded mine down maybe 8-10".
I pleated the fabric with pens and then did three rows of stitches.
My stitching is rough... like I said I am no seamstress, but its holding and it's strong.
This is the inside.

And here is the outside.
Next place the outside stitched side with the rings facing down over your shoulder...

Wrap the fabric across your back and bring up and pull through both rings.

Spread rings apart.
And take fabric and loop over the top ring.

And under the bottom ring. Just like a belt loop buckle.

Then pull to tighten.

Adjust how needed to get it ready to place baby in.

Place baby inside and then pull the fabric tail to adjust as needed.
And...ta-da.... you know have a perfectly imperfect DIY Ring Sling.
It's not the prettiest, but he doesn't seem to mind as you can see...
he just wants to be close to mommy;)

If you feel like this may be too much to conquer,
I have listed some baby rings slings for purchase.

I would like to get my sewing skills honed down so I could make some of these and list in my Etsy .
I think there is a shortage of super cute farmhouse style slings.
So who knows, maybe a future business venture:)
I have a feeling I will have a lot of practice time in the future


Monday, July 23, 2018

Fresh Garden Tomatoes on a Monday

Happy Monday,
 it's quiet today on the farm as we settle back in to our weekly routine.
This spring I planted some tomato plants and some blackberries.
I went out this weekend during those blistering 108 temps to pick my first harvest of tomatos..
It was so hot some of them were already jumping off the plant


Sunday, July 22, 2018

One Month Old

Well we did it, we successfully kept our child alive.
He came 5 weeks early on June 22,
 we were totally unprepared and scared out of our minds,
we just didn't know it yet...

 As any parent is aware,
becoming a brand new parent is probably the single most scary thing... EVER...
You leave the hospital after they have made you watch videos about co-sleeping, SIDS, Shaken baby syndrome...etc. and you're left thinking "am I even qualified to raise this child"?
No really... how is this even legal, shouldn't you have to take a test?
Those first few nights of life with a newborn are just so stinking hard.
You're exhausted, you have a million hormones cruising through your worn out body and to top it off you're shining your cell phone flash light on his face every 3 seconds to make sure he's breathing.
But we are here, we made it... we made some mistakes,
learned some lessons and spent several hundreds or dollars....


Friday, July 20, 2018

New Slip Cover & Chandelier

I wanted to do a living room update and link some of our items on the blog here. It has undergone a few changes recently, and the number one question I get asked on Instagram is where did I find my slipcover? Followed by, where is that mirror from?


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chasing that bounce-back...a postpartum journey

* First let me apologize for the low quality pics, probably going to be that way for a bit...

So... I had a baby... if you don't follow me on Instagram, you may or may not know that...

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