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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chasing that bounce-back...a postpartum journey

* First let me apologize for the low quality pics, probably going to be that way for a bit...

So... I had a baby... if you don't follow me on Instagram, you may or may not know that...

Our sweet little bear came 5 weeks early into this world and it has been a non-stop thriller since then. I never got around to writing his "birth story"... I know that's all the rage right now, and eventually I will before I forget... although... I don't think that's an event you really ever forget...
None the less, I want to jot it down soon  so I don't forget those little details...
In the meantime tho, I wanted to share with you what I have been up to Postpartum wise...
you know besides, feeding a preemie every two hours...
Before I go any further, please know this post is not intended to to brag, shame or any other kind of b.s. towards new mothers, we have enough to deal with as is, but I thought I would just share my journey with anyone who wants to read it.
Please remember, everyone heals at different rates and stages.

I knew from the get go that I would wear a postpartum girdle. I had done a ton of research and decided I would go with the Bellefit. However, since my bear cub was 5 weeks early, I hadn't bought anything previously.  While I was in the hospital I ordered my girdle, I also knew, there was no way in hell I was going to stuff my swolen vag into this thing, so I bought a different girdle to wear until I lost some weight and could get into this.
So today, three weeks and 3 days later, I finally fit into my Bellefit postpartum girdle.
When they tell you this thing runs small, they're not joking, I got a medium and I should have got a large, I was right on the cusp of the measurements for the medium and thought it would be totally all worked out, but it's a total fiasco to get this thing on and off. It's actually more painful to take off then to put on. So just know that...:)

So far, I really like it, is it comfortable? Hell no, but I'm glad to be making postpartum hormones work for me, instead of working my last sane nerve... which it's doing that too... but you know...
Your body produces a hormone called Relaxin during pregnancy, it's to basically prepare your body and your ligaments to stretch and widen during birth. So after delivery this chemical or hormone, whatever it is, stays in your body for up to 5 months.
So it can take your joints up to 5 months to stabilize and go back to normal.
And... lots of times by wearing a postpartum girdle you can quickly go back to your pre-pregnancy or even smaller.
I got the pull up version of the girdle, but they make a corset style for those who have c-sections.
It also snaps at the crotch, so I will only need to remove it to exercise,shower and sleep.
So here's a time-line of events so you can see how I'm progressing along.

I took this photo of me on June 20, before I headed out to the pool.
I ended up gaining about 23 pounds and weighed 158lbs when I went into labor.
Ignore the mess and the spot on the mirror, 
I was not even trying to clean at this point in my pregnancy.
On June 22, I gave birth to a gorgeous 5.5lb baby boy.
I really did a number on my hair, I about nearly ripped it out during labor.
This picture was taken on the day we came home from the hospital which was June 25th,
You can see here I have started to swell up, 
by this point I had not worn in type of girdle, there was just no way, plus since I ordered them in the hospital, they were sitting in my mail box waiting for me...
On June 30 I took this picture, it was about 8 days after birth,
My Milk came in, and it was so incredibly painful, 
I ended up binding my breasts and it took about 4 days for them to dry up.
There's a lot of conflicting information regarding breast binding. If you Google it, everything will tell you not too... the delivery doctor told me, they advised against it... however, my Pediatrician's nurse practitioner told me to ABSOLUTELY do it. I also talked to my sister-inlaw who's twin did it and didn't have any problems... I debated for half a day on whether I should or not, when my milk came in tho... holy hell, I could not wrap these suckers quick enough. I had no issues, no clogged ducts nothing, binding actually relieved the pain and I also used ice packs, I tried cabbage.. but it stunk and melted to my breasts. When your milk comes in your breast will be on fire, it's insane. In the end, you must use common sense and do what's best for your body, I'm not telling you to bind and always listen to your doctor... I didn't and I'm glad I didn't, but you should always use your own judgment.
I also drank this tea.

I bought three boxes, but I only needed one.
I took this pic on July 2.
So like I said since my Bellefit was so tight, I started wearing this 3 piece girdle first, and let me tell you it was amazing for many reasons, mainly my back. Every morning, I got out of bed and I swear I thought my spine was going to blow out, I felt so wobbly and even my hips felt out of wack... and I'm sure they were, everything was...

By, the 9th day, I had lost about 16lbs and I felt amazing.
This picture was taken on July 7.
I went a few days without wearing it due to going places and having family over, but now I'm back and sometimes, I wear both for an extra punch...
Plus I'm over the whole, wearing diapers (not really) and spraying everything with Dermoplast phase. Trust me, there is no way you can fit a giant pad into this thing and when everyone is pushing it on you and advertising it, no one tells you that... but I'm telling you, it ain't gonna happen.. so get this girdle until your vagina returns to somewhat normal...
It comes in three pieces and really helps your back and hips so much... as well as 
helping to shrink your uterus and stomach.
I have 6lbs more to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant the day after Thanksgiving, so you know I put on some holiday pounds... I really want to lose about 16 more lbs and get back to where I was last summer.
I plan to start spinning again, in fact I'm going to try and start tonight. If you're interested in my spinning post on how I made a DIY Peleton you can check that out here.
Another favorite postpartum equipment is a Roomba... talk about a life saver, I always loved it before, but I really love it now:)
I'll be back soon with more progress!


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