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Monday, July 23, 2018

Fresh Garden Tomatoes on a Monday

Happy Monday,
 it's quiet today on the farm as we settle back in to our weekly routine.
This spring I planted some tomato plants and some blackberries.
I went out this weekend during those blistering 108 temps to pick my first harvest of tomatos..
It was so hot some of them were already jumping off the plant

I can't tell you how good it feels to eat fresh produce from your own garden.
And to top it off, they taste so much better than store bought.. they don't even need salt... and I'm a southern girl... everything needs salt... and ranch dressing...
This fall I plan to work on our garden area some more and prepare
to expand for more plants next spring.

I'm not exactly sure what recipe I'm going to use these in.. maybe a fresh salsa,
or maybe I'll just eat them plain as a snack...

I hope you all are having a fantastic Monday,
I'm working on projects around the house and can't to show you what I'm planning!


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