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Friday, July 20, 2018

New Slip Cover & Chandelier

I wanted to do a living room update and link some of our items on the blog here. It has undergone a few changes recently, and the number one question I get asked on Instagram is where did I find my slipcover? Followed by, where is that mirror from?

So... I know some people don't like or won't follow me in the app so I thought I would have it in this post here...

I do want to let you know, that this slipcover has round arms, however my sofa has square, it doesn't fit perfectly, but you can pull and adjust and make it work...slipcovers are casual they aren't meant to be perfectly neat... however,  if you are a stickler about not putting the square peg into the round hole... then I suggest you don't buy it:) it will only frustrate you...

You can click on these photos (affiliate links) below and they will take you to the linked items. Please read my full disclosure policy here.

I have been moderately obsessed with french grain sack stripes and ticking stripes...  I just love the effortless style and casual coziness it provides...right now it's my all time fave. Plus I feel like this look is good for all year round. Just sub in some knit and fur pillows and your good to go for the fall/winter... I linked some pillows that I love with this pattern.

We also changed out our living room light. I love love love this style. I had been coveting this light for a while and when it went on sale, I just knew I had to buy it.
It replaced the more modern sputnik light I had in here and plus it's shorter, so it makes the ceilings look a bit taller. Which that is always a plus!

I have a few more tweaks to make to our living room, but I'm almost done, I feel like it's taken me so long to get to this point, but here we are and I love the vibe and feel of our home. Decor is a process, and it's always changing and evolving. One day I will do a post of my ever changing past decor so we can take a look back on the good, bad and the ugly...
Have a great weekend friends!


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