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Sunday, July 22, 2018

One Month Old

Well we did it, we successfully kept our child alive.
He came 5 weeks early on June 22,
 we were totally unprepared and scared out of our minds,
we just didn't know it yet...

 As any parent is aware,
becoming a brand new parent is probably the single most scary thing... EVER...
You leave the hospital after they have made you watch videos about co-sleeping, SIDS, Shaken baby syndrome...etc. and you're left thinking "am I even qualified to raise this child"?
No really... how is this even legal, shouldn't you have to take a test?
Those first few nights of life with a newborn are just so stinking hard.
You're exhausted, you have a million hormones cruising through your worn out body and to top it off you're shining your cell phone flash light on his face every 3 seconds to make sure he's breathing.
But we are here, we made it... we made some mistakes,
learned some lessons and spent several hundreds or dollars....

So I put together a list of products, that we had to go out and buy 2-3 days after we got home from the hospital, cause he came early and we had no clue what we really needed.
These are the items I use day in and day out.
They are my holy grail baby items, the things we can't live without.

Maybe they can help you too...

I promise, this baby was not hurt in the making of this photo;) he's just pissed...


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