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Monday, September 24, 2018

Simple Farmhouse Fall Dining Room

Man it has been a whirl wind of a weekend!
 If you follow me on IG then you know
 I am in the process of opening a small retail shop inside an antique mall.
I will have a post coming soon on all the details, but let's just say I am so exhausted!
But I wanted to share some changes I made to the dining room, 
I know all my posts have been very kitchen and dining room focused, but that's where all my attention has been lately because, well I spend a lot of time there and our home is so open,
 I really want everything perfect in these spaces.
So I wanted to share with you my new table cloth and center piece.
Is this table cloth not gorgeous? And get this, it's brand new! 
I know right, it looks so vintage.
I love the delicate details of this lace, it's just so perfect!

I also made this sweet center piece with mini pairs and faux willow branches...
I was originally inspired by a photo by Liz Marie from the Liz Marie blog, and she had used some pear branches from Magnolia. Well when I looked them up, they were $28 a piece and I figured I would need at least three.... and that would be just way too much money to spend on some dang pears... so I searched and found some darling little mini pears and used some willow branches I already had and....ta-da... Pear Branches!!
Now, they aren't as cool as the ones at Magnolia, but I made them for $10.95 a piece
 and that's a steal, which makes them pretty darn cool in my book!
Now check out that detail on the table cloth...swoon... am I right?!?
I am so happy with the way this space is really coming together.
But I'm afraid a lot will be put on hold while I'm working on my shop.
I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it!
I'm making my dreams come true and that usually takes a lot of hard work...
So cheers to the next few weeks being super crazy!
I'll have more details this week!


Thursday, September 20, 2018

DIY Farmhouse Slip Covered Dining Chairs

I have been making changes in the dining room this past week.
 To incorporate my kitchen shelves, I had to move my hutch, I debated on selling it, however,
 I feel any good farmhouse worth it's salt has a deliciously chippy old hutch in it... so in the end... 
I made room by moving my large mirror into the living room so I could keep it.
I'm so glad I did too, I mean look at her, she's gorgeous and I really don't
 think I could bare to part with her:)
Another major change I made, was taking the more modern chairs out of  here and putting them upstairs, I brought the ones from up, down and then I bought new slipcovers for them.
What a difference a slipcover makes, not only did it brighten up this space, make it more cottage-y, it also hides the fact that I have two different types of chairs under there...
If you look close, you can see it:)

Below are the slipcovers I bought... now there not the most expensive custom fitted lookin slipcover you ever did see... but let's get real for half a sec... anything custom fitted is going to set you back a pretty penny. I was able to 5 of these covers for $100.
I already owned one from many moons ago so I only needed to buy 5 more.

And... since I had bought my previous cover like over 5 years ago, when I got them in they were completely different colors... so I had to do a quick bleaching to get them withing the same realm.
Can you tell which one is different in this pic? There is a slight and I mean a slight color difference... the one in the middle is the original cover and the others are just slightly off from it, but very very close... my bleach job turned out pretty good... I'll do a post on that soon!

Another change I made was bringing in this little hanging shelf, 
which used to be in the living room and so did that demi-lune cabinet.
I took the old door that used to be in this spot and moved into the living room for the time being.
I also painted my window frames back to white, the black was a fun modern change, 
but at the end of the day, I like a simple clean look of a white window.
 I think it softens this space so much more.
Now if you are a fan of this old china cabinet,
 then you may have noticed I painted the doors on it.
 I originally left them stained so it had a two toned look. 
But once I moved it, I really wanted a uniformed look. Plus, like the windows... 
I have been working on softening the color palette in my home and
 I felt your eyes just went right to the doors, 
you almost didn't even notice that creamy white chippy finish.
So a quick coat of milk paint and we were on our way to creamy chippy white heaven!
Now it's time to start adding in some fall decor and making this place a little more cozy and getting ready to snuggle down for fall and winter:)
What do you think about all my changes?
 I think I'm finally heading in the right direction:)


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Shelves Are up!

You guys, the shelves are up, and they look beyond my opinion:)
I have been on a mission to often the farmhouse and make it more bright and airy.
I knew I wanted open shelves, but the way my kitchen is arranged, I didn't have enough uppers to take down a cupboard. So where the hutch used to be, we installed some open shelves...
And let me tell you, it has opened our kitchen up so much!
I still need to start looking for some pitchers for the top shelf, so this arrangement is not complete, but I just couldn't wait to show you:)
When we bought the house, it was missing a section of the base molding, they obviously had something built in that they took with them. Mind you we purchased this home on a short sale, so we never saw it until it was in it's abandoned state.

If you are looking to add open shelving to your home, then you need to order these brackets.
I ended up getting two for $14.99 vs. one for $13.98 at Lowes.

And you can find my new step ladder here... it's so handy and cute.. 
I absolutely love it!
Next up I will be changing out the chandeliers for something 
a bit more farmhouse and less french.
Stay tuned for more to come:)

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Adding DIY French Charm to your Dining Room

This past year, I have been so into french grain sack patterns like it's nobodies business:)
This concept of making your own table cloth out of drop cloth, is by no means a new concept... but I wanted to share with you how I made mine and my my supplies I used.

First I started by purchasing my drop cloth from Lowes. I didn't bleach mine, but if you would like your table cloth to be lighter, then it needs to be 100% cotton, which is almost impossible to find at the big box stores. I finally figured out why my drop cloths would never bleach when everyone else could get it to work... well that's because the ones from Lowes and Home depot are not 100% cotton and when I tried to bleach it, they turned out Gawd Awful!!
These are 100% cotton below.
You also need an assortment of tape sizes, depending on how many stripes and the width you want.
I used a 1" frog tape for the center and 1/4" tape for the sides. You also can't find 1/4" tape  at the big box stores, you have to order it... but don't worry... I got you;)

Once I was done placing my stripes, I pulled up the pieces of tape that would be my stripe and started to paint it with chalk paint. You can use chalk paint or you can use acrylic paint and mix if with a fabric medium. But one step is always easier in my opinion.
When it is dry pull it off, stick it in the washer and dryer and then iron if you like....
That's it, and the possibilities and combos are endless!
Have Fun!
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Monday, September 10, 2018

Affordable Fall Decor From Amazon

The first day of fall is September 22, and that date is fast approaching. 
If you haven't thought about your fall decor, I wanted to round up some of my fave decor items that are super simple and affordable, and the best part... it's all from Amazon!

I'm going to be putting out my fall decor in the next couple weeks... 
I plan to order a few of these items myself...
There just two cute to pass up!

I have a lot of changes going on currently...
I can't wait to show you:)


Thursday, September 6, 2018

New Brass Kitchen Hardware

You guys,
 I got the new hardware on and I absolutely love it!
The new paint color just comes alive with these brass handles...
and they are heavy and seem like really good quality.
Plus they lined up with my existing holes, so I didn't have to redrill... 
which is always a blessing in disguise!
They are the perfect amount of chunky-ness and modern without being to overtly modern.
Something I struggle with, cause I love modern farmhouse, but my home just isn't overly modern... so I feel like this is a good balance...
I bought the 20 pack of knobs, a 5 pack of 5" pulls and 5 and 10 pack of 3" pulls.
I have listed them here, cause some times they don't all show up when you do a search.

I have more plans for the kitchen that includes...changing out my chandeliers for something a little less blingy and more farmy... but still glam...
Also I want to update our sink with an Apron Front sink, but I have to really search for one that will fit, cause this sink and cabinet are on the smaller side... so in the meantime, I'm going to make over our stainless one... I think it will be a fun DIY and since I'm replacing it eventually anyways, I want to see how it will hold up when I'm finished with it...
Eventually I want to get rid of my hutch and add open shelving. I have shiplap behind there, but the hutch is so large you don't notice it... plus I'm dying to have open shelves somewhere in the kitchen, but I don't really have the layout to take out uppers... I have a fairly large kitchen but it seems to be condensed to me and I don't have many upper cabinets to begin with... so taking out that hutch and adding shelves, is really my only option. Which is bitter sweet, cause I love this hutch and don't want to get rid of it, but I specific look I really want... so... it's a dilemma... but I feel it must go...
I can't wait to get more done to show you!
What do you think about my updated look so far and my future plans?


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fleeting Summer

And just like that, summer comes to an end.
This time of year is always bitter sweet for me. It's the passing of warm nights, and soft sunsets and the beginning of  nature shedding its growth. I love fall, but I absolutely hate the early rise of darkness.
It' always so depressing when it get's dark by 5:30pm.
I am grateful that I am staying home with my son, 
so I will at least get to enjoy some day time.
I remembered when I worked and it was dark when you left and dark when you got home.. lunch was your only hope of seeking the light... in more ways then one.

But I didn't mean for this post to be depressing... 
I guess that's just how I truly feel about the winter...
This year tho, 
I'm going to try and see it more positively.

Especially with my son, 
this is the time I'm nurturing his growth and advancement, 
so I want to be present and soak it up as much as possible, 
instead of wishing for the spring to quickly come.
What's your favorite season? 
Do you get as bummed as I do to see summer go,
 or are you a cold person?

I am looking forward to boots and layers tho...
So there's that :)...

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