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Monday, September 17, 2018

Adding DIY French Charm to your Dining Room

This past year, I have been so into french grain sack patterns like it's nobodies business:)
This concept of making your own table cloth out of drop cloth, is by no means a new concept... but I wanted to share with you how I made mine and my my supplies I used.

First I started by purchasing my drop cloth from Lowes. I didn't bleach mine, but if you would like your table cloth to be lighter, then it needs to be 100% cotton, which is almost impossible to find at the big box stores. I finally figured out why my drop cloths would never bleach when everyone else could get it to work... well that's because the ones from Lowes and Home depot are not 100% cotton and when I tried to bleach it, they turned out Gawd Awful!!
These are 100% cotton below.
You also need an assortment of tape sizes, depending on how many stripes and the width you want.
I used a 1" frog tape for the center and 1/4" tape for the sides. You also can't find 1/4" tape  at the big box stores, you have to order it... but don't worry... I got you;)

Once I was done placing my stripes, I pulled up the pieces of tape that would be my stripe and started to paint it with chalk paint. You can use chalk paint or you can use acrylic paint and mix if with a fabric medium. But one step is always easier in my opinion.
When it is dry pull it off, stick it in the washer and dryer and then iron if you like....
That's it, and the possibilities and combos are endless!
Have Fun!
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