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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fleeting Summer

And just like that, summer comes to an end.
This time of year is always bitter sweet for me. It's the passing of warm nights, and soft sunsets and the beginning of  nature shedding its growth. I love fall, but I absolutely hate the early rise of darkness.
It' always so depressing when it get's dark by 5:30pm.
I am grateful that I am staying home with my son, 
so I will at least get to enjoy some day time.
I remembered when I worked and it was dark when you left and dark when you got home.. lunch was your only hope of seeking the light... in more ways then one.

But I didn't mean for this post to be depressing... 
I guess that's just how I truly feel about the winter...
This year tho, 
I'm going to try and see it more positively.

Especially with my son, 
this is the time I'm nurturing his growth and advancement, 
so I want to be present and soak it up as much as possible, 
instead of wishing for the spring to quickly come.
What's your favorite season? 
Do you get as bummed as I do to see summer go,
 or are you a cold person?

I am looking forward to boots and layers tho...
So there's that :)...


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