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Thursday, September 6, 2018

New Brass Kitchen Hardware

You guys,
 I got the new hardware on and I absolutely love it!
The new paint color just comes alive with these brass handles...
and they are heavy and seem like really good quality.
Plus they lined up with my existing holes, so I didn't have to redrill... 
which is always a blessing in disguise!
They are the perfect amount of chunky-ness and modern without being to overtly modern.
Something I struggle with, cause I love modern farmhouse, but my home just isn't overly modern... so I feel like this is a good balance...
I bought the 20 pack of knobs, a 5 pack of 5" pulls and 5 and 10 pack of 3" pulls.
I have listed them here, cause some times they don't all show up when you do a search.

I have more plans for the kitchen that includes...changing out my chandeliers for something a little less blingy and more farmy... but still glam...
Also I want to update our sink with an Apron Front sink, but I have to really search for one that will fit, cause this sink and cabinet are on the smaller side... so in the meantime, I'm going to make over our stainless one... I think it will be a fun DIY and since I'm replacing it eventually anyways, I want to see how it will hold up when I'm finished with it...
Eventually I want to get rid of my hutch and add open shelving. I have shiplap behind there, but the hutch is so large you don't notice it... plus I'm dying to have open shelves somewhere in the kitchen, but I don't really have the layout to take out uppers... I have a fairly large kitchen but it seems to be condensed to me and I don't have many upper cabinets to begin with... so taking out that hutch and adding shelves, is really my only option. Which is bitter sweet, cause I love this hutch and don't want to get rid of it, but I specific look I really want... so... it's a dilemma... but I feel it must go...
I can't wait to get more done to show you!
What do you think about my updated look so far and my future plans?


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  1. Wow these are gorgeous, really stand out next to the white and add a bit of shine to the room!


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