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Monday, September 24, 2018

Simple Farmhouse Fall Dining Room

Man it has been a whirl wind of a weekend!
 If you follow me on IG then you know
 I am in the process of opening a small retail shop inside an antique mall.
I will have a post coming soon on all the details, but let's just say I am so exhausted!
But I wanted to share some changes I made to the dining room, 
I know all my posts have been very kitchen and dining room focused, but that's where all my attention has been lately because, well I spend a lot of time there and our home is so open,
 I really want everything perfect in these spaces.
So I wanted to share with you my new table cloth and center piece.
Is this table cloth not gorgeous? And get this, it's brand new! 
I know right, it looks so vintage.
I love the delicate details of this lace, it's just so perfect!

I also made this sweet center piece with mini pairs and faux willow branches...
I was originally inspired by a photo by Liz Marie from the Liz Marie blog, and she had used some pear branches from Magnolia. Well when I looked them up, they were $28 a piece and I figured I would need at least three.... and that would be just way too much money to spend on some dang pears... so I searched and found some darling little mini pears and used some willow branches I already had and....ta-da... Pear Branches!!
Now, they aren't as cool as the ones at Magnolia, but I made them for $10.95 a piece
 and that's a steal, which makes them pretty darn cool in my book!
Now check out that detail on the table cloth...swoon... am I right?!?
I am so happy with the way this space is really coming together.
But I'm afraid a lot will be put on hold while I'm working on my shop.
I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it!
I'm making my dreams come true and that usually takes a lot of hard work...
So cheers to the next few weeks being super crazy!
I'll have more details this week!


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