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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Guest Bathroom: One Room Challenge Fall 2018

Happy Thursday friends! 
If you are new to my blog, welcome, I'm glad you are here!
So, it's that time again... the fall One Room Challenge...
   The One Room Challenge design event is a bi-annual 6 week challenge to makeover a space in your home. Twenty designers are chosen to participate and every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over the six weekly posts. In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, is welcome to join the fun as a Guest Participant and will post their results the following Thursday for the next 6 weeks. 
This will be my 4th ORC, you can find my other ORC projects here
So for this ORC I will be making over our downstairs guest bath.
It's right by our sons nursery, so I want to tie in the bathroom with his nursery and design it to grow with him, while being nice for everyone else as well.
Here is how it currently looks.
I know what you're thinking, not bad right? Well this bathroom has been done over a couple of times and as they say, hopefully the third time's the charm.
You can read about this DIY makeover here, and how I painted everything... and I mean EVERYTHING...
This pic below is how I spruced it up the first time and you can read about that here...
So What am I going to do now?
Well for starters I am going to repaint the tile floor, my dog sometimes, goes to the bathroom... in the bathroom and she literally peeled up the Annie Sloan chalk paint... my next post will be about painted floors and my experience... so look for that on week two.

Next I'm going to wood the ceiling to match my son's nursery.
Then I am going to fix the ship lap and continue it 
over to all the walls in the bathroom and paint it all white.

Then a new vanity, light fixture and I'm going to get rid of the curtain and put up a frameless glass door. I love glass doors and I am getting to the point where I hate shower curtains.
So I'm super excited about that feature.
Lastly, some new decor and hardware.

So here's the list... in list form

1. Paint/fix floor
2. Wood Ceiling
3. Shiplap/Paint
4. New light fixture
5. Glass door for tub
6. New Vanity
7. New Hardware/Decor

So luckily for me, it's not a super huge list... I have had much larger.
I'm hoping I can pull this off, I signed up for this before I started opening my shop, so all my time and energy is going towards working on my store and inventory... but I love a good challenge. I figure even if I don't get it done, at least I will be that much closer!
You can read about my new shop coming soon here.
You can see the other Guest Participants here.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I moved in my first piece for the shop

Today was pretty monumental ya'll! 
I moved in my first piece to my little shop.
 I can't tell you how good it felt! Things are really moving a long and
 I have still have quite a few things to finish up on and make, but it's looking so good.
I painted this piece in Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, I am such a big fan of this paint, it's so unpredictable.. and yes, that's a good thing!! I expected this piece to chip like my last hutch, but it totally didn't so I had to manually distress it. But I love how it turned out.
And I'm now officially a retailer of Sweet Pickins and I will have a display of products for sale in my shop. I have been a retailer since 2016 and sold some here and there on ETSY, 
but I'm so excited to put this product in my shop!
I also hope to hold workshops in the future...we shall see...
I will show you when I get my display done! I can't wait:)
I should be officially open on OCT. 13!!
Lots of work to be done until then!


Blue and White Fall Table with Thrift store items

It's no secret that I love am obsessed with blue and white.
Can you put that obsession right up against shopping for thrifted and vintage items... so when I get the chance to combine the two... well, it just warms my heart somethin fierce!
If it is one thing you can't count on while thrift store shopping, please believe it is finding incomplete sets of items. I'm talking, dishes, linens, furniture, curtains etc. 

I'm always finding sets of gorgeous china, but there will only be two plates, three salad plates, 4 bowels and so on and so forth. This can be a challenge when trying to style a table and create a cohesive tablescape. So I wanted to show you how I approach this common issue.
I start with my first layer, which for me is always a table cloth or runner. For this tablescape, I used a vintage thrifted curtain panel I had found while out and about thrift store shopping. 
There was only one panel and I almost didn't get it, but I loved the pattern and thought
 I could make some pillows or something out of it.
So I cut it in half. I had an extra piece of ticking stripe fabric, so I sewed some drop cloth pleats on to it to lengthen it and it served as my center table runner.
Next I arranged my collection of blue and white ginger jars... one is vintage and the others are new. It's a very small collection, but I'm always looking to grow it.
Here's a shot of those pleats I sewed on.
Once I had my ginger jars in order, I layered in my pine cones and acorns.
Then I moved onto my plates and here's where the challenge comes in.
I only had two large plates, and a combo of other b&w china.
So, my two head of the table seats got the large b&w plates with a burlap trivet underneath.
Then I used my hobnail plates (from the dollar tree) and layered my smaller plates on top
 of those for the middle, the outer four seats got the bowls. 
I created cohesion with the pears for the center six seats.
The two head of the table spots got white velvet pumpkins.
I also added a version with candles.
I got these candle stick holders from the thrift store as well.

This has been one of my favorite tablescapes to date,
 I probably say that about every single one, but I just love the blue and white.
And the face that 85% of this table is thrifted, makes me love it even more:)
So next time your out thrifting don't be so quick to dismiss those incomplete sets, sometimes mixing and matching is the absolute best look! Its so unique and fun to create different versions of one look.
It's still pretty warm here in Oklahoma, so it's been a little difficult to get in the fall mood,
 but we are slowly adding a little more fall here and there.
Most of my attention has been focusing on 
getting my shop opened, you can read about that here.
I'll have more updates soon!


Monday, October 1, 2018

Retail Shop!!!

Guess what you guys?!?! I have the best news! I'm opening up my very own little retail shop:)
As you can imagine, I am beyond excited... and busy...
So here is the skinny on how all this went down...
About a year ago, I was contacted on ETSY by a guy who was going to open a new vendor market in OKC, he loved my art work and wanted to know if I would be interested in opening a booth in his warehouse... I was no stranger to running a booth, I had ran one for about 6 months back in 2014 and did not enjoy it, it was stressful, far away from my home and I had no idea what I was doing...
So naturally I told him I appreciated it, but no thanks!

Well he ended up pursuing me and being very persuasive and I decided I would open a booth with him, I figured I have experience I what not to do, and now know exactly what my style is, I thought maybe I could give it a second chance... however, long story short, due to some issues with the building and the city, he has yet to open and I at one point I had decided I would open a shop in my in-laws commercial building.

Well obviously I had a baby, and being on my own (business wise) trying to run my own shop was just not feasible... but yet I still had a desire to open a booth...
I ended up contacting about 4 different places and the OKC Farmers Market Antique Mall was the first to contact me... like almost immediately...
So about a week ago, I went down to look at this space... and I fell in love with it!
It was perfect and close to home with easy highway access, I get down here in like 15 minutes, when it used to take me 45 minutes at the old place I was at.
And what's so awesome, it's more than a booth, but not a stand alone retail spot, 
it's still inside an antique mall with other vendors and descent foot traffic.
But yet, I can run my own shop 
within the hours of the Mall and I can pick and choose when,
 and how much I want to work.

We had about 10 days before Oct. 1st to get the shop ready to 
move in before rent is charged, and let me tell you, we have been getting after it!
So before I show you where I'm currently at, let's take a look at how far we have come....
Here's the before... If I could go back in time and slap whoever
 painted this lavender and lime green, please believe I would.
We started by adding some crown molding and vertical wood strips to mimic board and batten.
 The whole shop is totally off and shotty craftsman ship, but I guess that's part of it's charm:)
So I have been trying to add as much character and charm..on a budget...
The inside was lime green and lavender as well... 
and covered with glorious peg board.
We started by giving it a simple coat of white paint.
We also removed the peg board on the back wall and found the original entrance to the shop, although  you can't access it, it's still better than that peg board!
The outside got a coat of a beautiful charcoal color called Hemotite by Behr.
I'm going to paint the window frame as well.
To take away from the shotty ceiling, I decided to do a stencil on the floor.
I have always loved the Moorish Circles from Royal Design Studio, however they're prices are outrageous, they quoted me $260 for a stencil that was around 18"...
 I ended up making it, larger and for free...
And it turned out pretty darn cool.
We also altered the door and put a plexi glass panel in it to open it up and bring in more light.

It looks so much better, and once I get the window frame painted, it will be perfect!
I will hopefully be adding my sign this week:)

Where the remaining peg board was, I ended up covering with book pages, it was so simple and free.

I also decided to add a little faux fireplace, I plan to add an electric fireplace stove
for some ambiance and some heat for this winter.
I had this ship lap and all the trim except for 1 board, so this entire project cost me less than $9

I decided to add a chalk board wall to the back,
 I thought it would be nice to write prices on and it gives some nice contrast.

Above this ceiling, is an amazing vaulted wood with beam ceiling... some idiot ended up putting in a drop ceiling years ago to save on electricity, the manager said I couldn't take it down, but I plan to really insist on him letting me, I'm hoping after I have been there a while he will allow me too...
In the mean time, I'm thinking of covering it in book pages? Maybe... I'm not sure...

I still have some touch ups to do like painting the fireplace and finish up
around the bottom of the walls, but other than that,
I will be spending my time this week working on painting some of my furniture and inventory.
I can't wait to show you when I get my signage up!!
I'm hoping to be in by next Saturday... or at least starting to move in...
I'm going to start off being open just on Saturdays and Sundays and apt. only during the week,
 that way I can stay home with my son and not miss out on him,
he's growing so fast, I just don't want to regret not being there for him.
I'm excited to share this journey with you!
Thanks for stopping by,

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