November 2018 | Raising A Farmhouse

Thursday, November 15, 2018

DIY Flocked Thrift Store Christmas Tree

Hey guys! 
Today I'm sharing how I flocked my Christmas Tree, 
I did a tutorial a few years ago, but back when I did it, you couldn't find the real deal sno bond.
 I could only find the super fine plastic like shavings at hobby lobby, 
which does not provide a realistic snow bond.
  I knew I wanted a cheap tree to flock. The cheapest one I could find was from Walmart for $150, which really isn't that cheap... plus I always love a good DIY and I wanted my tree to look like snow had nestled on the branches and not look almost completely white. Like the Walmart ones.
So, when I found a gorgeous down swept tree at my local Habitat for Humanity for a whopping $25 I knew this would be a perfect DIY!
Can you believe that? This is a tree from Hobby Lobby, which you know aren't cheap and someone just discarded it? It's crazy to me what people just giveaway...

This is what I bought to flock my tree.

Here are your supplies:
1. Sno Bond, you can purchase here.

2. A Spray bottle of water.
3. Tarp
4. Christmas Tree 
I did mine outside, but if you can do this in your garage, it would be better... any place out of the wind... but mine was full of projects... so I did mine on the back patio...
These instructions are real simple...
Start by spraying water on your tree.
I then grabbed some of the Sno Bond and placed some on the branches.
The insturction will tell you to put into a flower sifter, but you don't need to, just use your hand, place some on certain branches and you can throw some in other areas.
Once the sno is on the branch, you then spray the sno again which sets the sno bond.
So here are the instructions again...
1. spritz tree
2. place sno on branches
3. spritz sno on the branches to set
4. repeat all the way up the tree
I did mine in sections so I could  really get the Sno Bond all over the tree.
If you're tree is pre-lit don't worry about getting it on the lights, it will be ok.
Let dry over night and then you can bring in  your tree.
You may have some Sno Bond dust coming off, but it you spritz your tree good to set it, you will lose very minimal. I drug my tree through the back hallway and it was so fat it scraped against the wall and I had very minimal Sno loss.
I bought the 2lb Sno Bond and had enough to do a 7.5 ft tree and 
two small wreaths and still have about a cup and a half left.

I absolutely love my $25 thrift store tree!
 It turned out gorgeous:)
Now it's time to decorate!


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Give a JORD Wood Watch for Christmas...and a Giveaway

It's that time of year again, you know where you start racking your brain to figure out the  perfect gift  for that special someone on your Christmas List... or you just wanna 'treat yoself ' to a fab gift this year... Whatever the reason, JORD is the perfect timepiece  to gift.
And can we talk about this snow? Before Thanksgiving!!
Who doesn't love a white winter!
And my Jord watch is looking fab in this winter wonderland.
I feel so lucky to get to partner with this amazing company!
Jord wood watches are  fantastic quality, I chose the Hyde Kosso & Gray,
It's actually a man's watch and that's why I chose it, I loved the large face, the simplicity and the masculinity of that gorgeous wood band.
Jord is based out of ST. Louis Missouri  
where they make luxury, natural wood watches, like mine.

This is a perfect gift to give this holiday season.
There are so many styles to choose from and here's an extra perk,
they engrave!! You can get the box engraved and the actual watch too:)
You can even mix and match different faces with bands as well for a truly custom gift!


This gorgeous watch is my new go to accessory, whether I'm frolicking in the snow, 
or snuggling my sweet boy, this watch can look great dressed up or dressed down.
Being a new mama, there isn't much time for getting too dressed up, 
I'm usually in my cuddle duds...but when I do,
 I will still be wearing my new fave watch:) 
Isn't it beautiful?!?
Here is a link to my exact watch.
Make this year special with JORD under the tree!
You won't be sorry:)
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Stone Coat Countertop One Year Review~ Living with Epoxy Countertops

Hey guys! Today is the day! 
I'm reviewing my Epoxy counter-tops I did last summer. You can read my original post here.
 I actually should have done this in July... it's technically been 14 mos.... but you know, I had a baby in June who was born 5 weeks early... so I had more on my mind than reviewing some counter-tops;)
 but, my little bundle is now 4 mos old and he's napping...
 so, I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know what life is like with epoxy counter-tops!
Some of you have asked, I'm sure a lot have wondered...
What's it like living with Epoxy Counter-tops?

So I'm going to give you the skinny on what this past 14 mos have been like..
I'm going to try and answer all questions I have gotten. I'm sorry if your question did not get answered, but most questions are actually in my post. Most people just don't read it. I know they didn't cause they wouldn't ask that question if they did. I don't mean it rude or hateful, but now that I'm a mom, my priorities have changed and this blog comes dead last.
And please remember, 
you can contact Mike and Cathryn who actually make/own the company,
 they are super sweet, and are more expert than I...
So with that being said... let's get into it.
One more thing, 
these photos have not been altered or edited, 
I tried to shoot in natural light as much as possible so you can see them how they really look. 
I shot these today (11/5/2018).

If I could sum up these counter-tops in one word, 
it would be AMAZING... 
I said it before and I will say it again, I do not REGRET one bit,
 putting this product over my Gold Granite Counter-tops!!
The number one question I get, "How are they holding up"
They have held up beautifully.
I love them and I love walking into my kitchen everyday and
 seeing how light, bright and airy it is with these gorgeous counter-tops.
The Kitchen when we first bought the house, the walls were taupe and cabinets were this weird olive/army looking green.

Kitchen After Stone Coat Counter tops and a crap load of painting.

They do have some slight surface scratches, but they are very minor and that's to be expected.
I plan to buff them probably next summer and renew them, 
but honestly they are still so incredibly shiny.
My next question I get " Do they stain, have they chipped?"
Mine have not stained.
I did chip mine by the stove but it was my fault,
 I was pregnant, irritated and trying to get a pan out of the
 drawer thats handle was stuck and keeping the drawer from opening... 
we have all been there.. 
from 2 feet away.

6 inches away.

3-4 feet away.
Well, I got so angry I flung the pan up and out about 100 miles an hour and the tip of the pan hit the counter-top on the curve where the product naturally gets thinner...and chipped... but I fixed it... with nail polish of all things and it's not perfect, but I don't care....I'm fine with it... you can hardly see it.. like you have to be with in a foot of it to notice it...
 I may decide to one day pour a darker back counter.. so I will deal later...
But, they have not chipped anywhere else, like on the edges or corners and we are constantly banging into them or carrying large things through...
so my frying pan incident really what just the perfect storm...
If you get a chip, contact Mike or search YOUTUBE,
 there may actually be a legit way to fix it..
.then my ghetto nail polish application... 
but that's just how I roll;)
Question: How do you clean them?
I use 409. I love it and it keeps them streak free, I just use a paper towel and 409.
What colors did you use?

This is outlined in my original post with actual links to the products I used.
For the Base I used Rustoleum White.

I also used a Rustoleum Gray in a Spray Can and sprayed in a few places.
Someone once asked me what gray? there are so many?
Not at my Home Depot and Lowes, 
there's like one or two... who cares... pick the one you like.
Question: I want my counter-tops to be just like yours, can you tell me your process?

Guys, I followed Mike's process, that he details in great length on his videos, I did nothing different, except for the fact that I'm just not him...the bottom line, your counter-tops will not look just like mine, sorry, they won't, it's like seeing some cute girl and trying to get the exact same look and style... it'll be close... but not exactly the same (on account that you're two different people)... same for this... everyone does things a bit do you, your're good enough... trust may just surprise yourself and like yours better than mine:)
Question: Are you sure you just used the colors you listed?

? lol, yes I'm sure, that's not something I would "hold out" on...
if you think you see any other color than white, grey, pearl and any combo of those three... than it's just your eyes, computer screen or the lighting of my photos. The colors listed in my original post are all that I used. There is no green or any other color of the rainbow in my counter-tops.

Question: What do they feel like?
They are smooth, glossy and are cool to the touch, not as cold as real stone, but much cooler than laminate counter-tops.
Question: Do you have to use a cutting board or heat trivet?

Yes, you should on any counter-top anyway.

Funny Story:
When I shared my original post on a facebook page (that shall remain nameless, I truly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I just get a kick out of people's behavior and this is stuck in my head, so I have to share it! Do you ever get like that... you can't get over something until you voice it to the world for all to hear?!?)  OK, so I posted it it on this page and there was one lady who kept bangin on about "oh, there's no way she could get her husband and kids to use a cutting mat... this just wasn't an option for her!"  She listed that comment several times to several people, 
I'm sure none of who even knew her? Like every time someone had something positive to say about it, she would chime in about how it wasn't an OPTION for her!!! The horror!!!
This is what I WANTED to say....
Ok, first... not to be rude, but no one cares, 
and second you have a disciplinary issue in your house hold, you have one of three options, fix it and lay the law down, (my family would disrespect me one time, there would not be a second), live with shitty counter-tops, or shell out $6-12 grand for the real deal and cut away! 
The choice is yours. UGH... now I can live my life in peace...

And... for counter-tops this beautiful for around $500 dollars?!?
 I would be correcting some behavioral issues real quick.

Question: Can you put this over laminate or tile counter-tops?

Yes, I literally have a video Mike did linked on my original post talking about putting it over formica... that's what most people do, or build new wood counter-tops, which Mike has a video about that...I just happened to have ugly granite, so I covered it, it's not the norm.
I literally had a lady ask me about why Mike 
did or didn't use a certain wood to build his counter-tops?
These questions amaze me at times...
How would I know? Ask him...
Build them out of what you want... He just gives a suggestion... you control you...

Question: Why did you use a base of white, When Mike said you should use grey for marble?
Again, not being rude... but it's because... that's what I wanted to do.
That's how he did his, I did mine differently and you can do yours how you would like.
Use white, grey, black... the choice is literally yours, these are 100% customizable. (Is that even a word? It's underlined in read while I'm editing ;))
That's what I think is so great about them...
You don't have to mold them to being just like mine, his or anyone else's.
Make them your own masterpiece. Make them better. But just make them how YOU want.

The other thing I get is more of a statement than a question...

I'm so nervous to do this, I don't want to mess it up.


My husband is worried about the resale value for the house.

It's always nerve wracking trying something new, I was nervous too, but I watched the videos Stone Coat Counter-tops puts out and it gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities.

If you watch and research everything you can and you still feel uncertain 
then buy their $50 test kit and practice getting a feel for it.

Now, to deal with your spouse who may or may not be on board. My husband had the same thought, but I wore him down because I hated my counter-tops that much.
If you were to sale your house with epoxy counter-tops, don't list them as epoxy counter-tops, list them as solid surface, that's what they are, so you're not lying.
Epoxy is a resin, Corian counter-tops are resin, but everyone calls them "solid surface"...
Same Same, but different.
There, I probably just made you a few extra thousand on your listing...

These counter-tops are amazing, virtually maintenance free and an affordable option for those who don't have or don't want to shell out big bucks...and this project was an awesome DIY.
People will be amazed that you did this yourself.
I can't wait to use this product in my bathroom and in my camper... 
oh ya I'm gonna get my glamp on this summer.

This is my last piece of advice.
Take your time, breathe and most importantly follow the directions.
Most things in life are simple if you follow the directions.
This project was super fun, it should be fun for you too, 
really... don't stress.
Here is a link to my original post.
You can still use my code to get $10 off your $100 order.

Happy DIY'ng


Friday, November 2, 2018

How I found my Seasonal style

Whether your seasonal style is simple or elaborate, it can take time to find what style speaks to you.
We all know that seasonal decorating is the easiest way 
to change your decor without making over your entire home... 
but how to do you find it?
I can't tell you how many countless hours I spend on IG and Pinterest scouring through inspiration photos to find what speaks to me and the authenticity of my home.

It's important to me to curate a home that reflects not only my personal style, but that stays unique and authentic to who I am as a designer/decorator.
Anyone can go into Hobby Lobby or Home Goods and fill their home with meaningless crap, but I like the approach of hunting and scouring for vintage, re-purposed and unique finds.

Now don't get me wrong, occasionally I do find a couple small decor pieces from the above stores, but these just supplement my home...It's not all over the place. 
Many times I alter them as well, so they end up being completely one of a kind.
Over the years, my home has gone through many looks, by far this setting of a farmhouse, cottage look of a soft palette provides a beautiful back drop with board and batten walls, 
shiplap and lots of creamy white textures.
I have discovered my style is a mix of new and old, vintage and re-purposed.
So naturally I try and incorporate that into my seasonal decor.
Earthy tones, cottony & chippy textures, vintage silver paired with my crystal chandies are just some of my fave fall decor items. I keep my decor natural and simple, it's easy to store and reuse in future seasons and I can build upon and add to with other elements.
So if your looking for your seasonal style or even just your home decor style, I employ you to start researching, if your on my blog, I have to believe you have a desire for farmhouse, and or vintage style, so check out Pintrest, IG and just a plain old Google search. Start visiting thrift stores, antique shops, garage sales and swap meats, you'll be amazed at some of the discarded treasures you can find. Search places like Amazon and Ebay for unique items. I got these mini pears off Ebay and this table cloth from Amazon. My dining table was a thrift store find I painted and gave new life too... 6 of my 8 chairs are new and two are vintage. My hutch was from Habitat from Humanity and was revived with a coat of milk paint. The tea pot and tea cups were from the Good Will and the white cabinet in the corner was from Hobby Lobby and I painted it white and put on new hardware.
By taking items and altering them I have created a home 
that is uniquely me and one of a kind and I love that. 

It takes time... and true, going to a store and buying your
 whole home is much much easier, but it doesn't tell a story.. their  
are no good memories associated with that item.
And that my not be important to you, and that's ok, I'm not saying if you do that, you don't have a beautiful home. I'm just saying to rethink your approach, that's all.
I will be layering more fall decor as the season continues on... 
I'm looking forward to crisp fall days and nights!

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