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Thursday, November 15, 2018

DIY Flocked Thrift Store Christmas Tree

Hey guys! 
Today I'm sharing how I flocked my Christmas Tree, 
I did a tutorial a few years ago, but back when I did it, you couldn't find the real deal sno bond.
 I could only find the super fine plastic like shavings at hobby lobby, 
which does not provide a realistic snow bond.
  I knew I wanted a cheap tree to flock. The cheapest one I could find was from Walmart for $150, which really isn't that cheap... plus I always love a good DIY and I wanted my tree to look like snow had nestled on the branches and not look almost completely white. Like the Walmart ones.
So, when I found a gorgeous down swept tree at my local Habitat for Humanity for a whopping $25 I knew this would be a perfect DIY!
Can you believe that? This is a tree from Hobby Lobby, which you know aren't cheap and someone just discarded it? It's crazy to me what people just giveaway...

This is what I bought to flock my tree.

Here are your supplies:
1. Sno Bond, you can purchase here.

2. A Spray bottle of water.
3. Tarp
4. Christmas Tree 
I did mine outside, but if you can do this in your garage, it would be better... any place out of the wind... but mine was full of projects... so I did mine on the back patio...
These instructions are real simple...
Start by spraying water on your tree.
I then grabbed some of the Sno Bond and placed some on the branches.
The insturction will tell you to put into a flower sifter, but you don't need to, just use your hand, place some on certain branches and you can throw some in other areas.
Once the sno is on the branch, you then spray the sno again which sets the sno bond.
So here are the instructions again...
1. spritz tree
2. place sno on branches
3. spritz sno on the branches to set
4. repeat all the way up the tree
I did mine in sections so I could  really get the Sno Bond all over the tree.
If you're tree is pre-lit don't worry about getting it on the lights, it will be ok.
Let dry over night and then you can bring in  your tree.
You may have some Sno Bond dust coming off, but it you spritz your tree good to set it, you will lose very minimal. I drug my tree through the back hallway and it was so fat it scraped against the wall and I had very minimal Sno loss.
I bought the 2lb Sno Bond and had enough to do a 7.5 ft tree and 
two small wreaths and still have about a cup and a half left.

I absolutely love my $25 thrift store tree!
 It turned out gorgeous:)
Now it's time to decorate!


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