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Friday, November 2, 2018

How I found my Seasonal style

Whether your seasonal style is simple or elaborate, it can take time to find what style speaks to you.
We all know that seasonal decorating is the easiest way 
to change your decor without making over your entire home... 
but how to do you find it?
I can't tell you how many countless hours I spend on IG and Pinterest scouring through inspiration photos to find what speaks to me and the authenticity of my home.

It's important to me to curate a home that reflects not only my personal style, but that stays unique and authentic to who I am as a designer/decorator.
Anyone can go into Hobby Lobby or Home Goods and fill their home with meaningless crap, but I like the approach of hunting and scouring for vintage, re-purposed and unique finds.

Now don't get me wrong, occasionally I do find a couple small decor pieces from the above stores, but these just supplement my home...It's not all over the place. 
Many times I alter them as well, so they end up being completely one of a kind.
Over the years, my home has gone through many looks, by far this setting of a farmhouse, cottage look of a soft palette provides a beautiful back drop with board and batten walls, 
shiplap and lots of creamy white textures.
I have discovered my style is a mix of new and old, vintage and re-purposed.
So naturally I try and incorporate that into my seasonal decor.
Earthy tones, cottony & chippy textures, vintage silver paired with my crystal chandies are just some of my fave fall decor items. I keep my decor natural and simple, it's easy to store and reuse in future seasons and I can build upon and add to with other elements.
So if your looking for your seasonal style or even just your home decor style, I employ you to start researching, if your on my blog, I have to believe you have a desire for farmhouse, and or vintage style, so check out Pintrest, IG and just a plain old Google search. Start visiting thrift stores, antique shops, garage sales and swap meats, you'll be amazed at some of the discarded treasures you can find. Search places like Amazon and Ebay for unique items. I got these mini pears off Ebay and this table cloth from Amazon. My dining table was a thrift store find I painted and gave new life too... 6 of my 8 chairs are new and two are vintage. My hutch was from Habitat from Humanity and was revived with a coat of milk paint. The tea pot and tea cups were from the Good Will and the white cabinet in the corner was from Hobby Lobby and I painted it white and put on new hardware.
By taking items and altering them I have created a home 
that is uniquely me and one of a kind and I love that. 

It takes time... and true, going to a store and buying your
 whole home is much much easier, but it doesn't tell a story.. their  
are no good memories associated with that item.
And that my not be important to you, and that's ok, I'm not saying if you do that, you don't have a beautiful home. I'm just saying to rethink your approach, that's all.
I will be layering more fall decor as the season continues on... 
I'm looking forward to crisp fall days and nights!


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  1. Love your home and how you mix all the different elements together. Always so pretty and fresh looking.


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