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Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas on the Farm | 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Yes indeed it is:)
I'm joining the It's a Wonderful House Christmas  Blog Tour with several other wonderful ladies who are opening their Christmas home to feast your eyes upon.
Hopefully you just enjoyed touring Angelina's GORGEOUS Home from Petite Haus
Also, I want to give a special thank you for her putting this all together!

If you are new to my blog, welcome! 
I'm Summer and I'm a new stay at home mama to our sweet boy who is 5 months old, I'm severely sleep deprived and figuring this thing called motherhood out:) 
My husband is Active Army and we live in Oklahoma on 5 acres in the country. 
We are raising our family while trying to raise a small farm and get one good night of sleep:)
So grab a cup of coffee and come on in!
The focal point of my design this year  in our family room is my new fireplace!
 I will have more soon on how we built it, but for now,
 I'm basking in the glory of having a massively gorgeous fireplace in my living room!
This year I kept things pretty simple and reused most of what I had from previous years,
 I didn't buy much new, but what I did buy were these little mini pears to add to my Christmas tree and my garland. When I saw Liz Marie's (from the Liz Marie Blog) pear garland, I just knew I had to use pears in my decor... however the garland she had was a bit pricey, so I decided to make my own... DIY Style...
So I attached a ton of little pears all over our greenery...
I love how it turned out. So simple and natural looking, 
I really like the idea of using everyday items and natural looking items in my decor.
If you have followed me for a while, you probably have noticed that I have a bit of an obsession for sofa slipcovers. I decided to use my white one for Christmas, I also changed out my gray chairs and brought down my linen tufted chairs to brighten up this space.
One thing I did buy this year, is my new reindeer for the fireplace.
It's funny I thought it was a golden bronze when I bought it. But when it arrived, I was surprised to see it was solid silver:) But it's still gorgeous... I have no regrets:)
This year my decor has a very simple, but yet cozy feeling. 
I wanted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere but still have limited patterns and a neutral color palette. So I will let you look around and enjoy these pics:) without me rambling!
You can shop my home below with the provided affiliate links to items that I have either purchased or items that are similar. 

We pick back up over to the dining room and I have continued to carry on the flocked garland.
You can see my tutorial on flocking a Christmas tree here.
I used natural greenery on the table from  our cedar trees on the farm.
I love using fresh greenery and mixing it in with artificial.
Plus the smell is heavenly!

I kept the linens very simple on the table. A nice lace drop cloth provides a crisp white background for the greenery and the buffalo check napkins.
It's simple, country, and the black and white lend a modern element to the design.
And here's our country bear:)
I shared on the blog the other day our bedroom, it has been under construction since last February.
You can read the original post here.
But basically we rearranged the furniture, swapped some decor and built a fireplace.
Long story short...

These last couple of photos, are from last years tour, I wasn't able to decorate these spaces this year, but let's remissness... shall we?:) 

Laundry Hall way ...2017
You can read about this space here.
The Farmhouse Cabana we did for the ORC 2017
You can read that post here.

I can't believe we are so close to Christmas! I'm seriously still hoping we get a White Christmas, but I'm not going to hold my breath:) I hope you all enjoyed the tour and maybe found a bit of Christmas cheer here on the farm! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit Paula from Virginia Sweet Pea


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Making Over the Master Bedroom | Part II

Can you believe it is December? This is my most favorite time of the year, I absolutely love Christmas and now that my son is here it's even more special... it's his first Christmas!!
So back last February, I decided I was going to re-do the master bedroom...again...
One of the hardest rooms for me to do in any home is the bedroom... 

I have never had a bedroom that I just loved... and to be honest I'm still not completely in love with our room, I would love to get all new furniture (who wouldn't right?)....but I'm  so much closer to the L-Word than I was before.
 I'm not totally done, 
but I wanted to give you an update on what I have been up to in this space.
Last time I showed you an update, 
which you can find that post Making Over the Master bedroom | Part I
the bedroom looked like this...
If you have followed my blog or IG for a while than that fireplace may look familiar, it used to be in our living room, but I had decided last year to move it into our bedroom, because I have always wanted a fireplace in a bedroom... I think they are so cozy. I decided to give it a more custom, built in look and added a "chimney" to give some depth, height and increase its presence with size.
I then added some modern sconce lights.
I decided for the look of our bedroom, I wanted to really simplify things but also mix a blend of modern and traditional. So to do this, I decided to keep the color palette simple with black, white and cream. I got rid of the bold red patterned rug and added a simple plain jute rug.

I added a pop of pattern with a bold black and ivory wall paper on the fireplace.
It also gives a vintage feel and helps soften the harshness that black can sometimes have. I usually hate black in our home, but in this room, it just works...
I also painted the windows black and I love the drama it adds to the room.
I had this settee upstairs and I brought it down and got rid of that bench, It makes it nicer because when we moved the bed to the other wall, the light fixture extends past the bed, so this settee adds some depth so you don't konk your head when walking around it... which is important for everyone's sanity and keeping their language clean:)
I kept my curtains, but got new rods, however these are the still the old ones, and they don't extend past the windows, so it's driving me nuts and I really want them changed out...soon.
I racked my brain for a couple years on what to flank the sides of our bed with, I tried pictures, paintings, mirrors, deer heads etc... one day my cousin texted me and suggested some black framed sketches... I looked some up and found some gorgeous ones on Pottery Barn, 
however they were $500...
You must be out your mind!!!
So I remember I had ordered some water color paper a few years ago, so I got it out and quickly sketched out some figures... I got the frames half off at Hobby Lobby and ended up spending $60 on the perfect finishing pieces for my bedroom. Now, I did not take my time, I can actually draw... I went to school for art, but I'm super impatient so I whipped these suckers out very quickly and they aren't perfect, but for $60... they fit the bill! I love how modern they are but still lend an artistic touch.
The thick black frames help to anchor the room and carry on the color palette.
I then layered in lots of texture with pillows and throws. 
I haven't decorated the mantle yet, I haven't quite figured out what I want on it.
It will be simple I do know that.
I still have some more things to do, I want to reupholster that little stool and get a new pillow for that little chair, and I need to rework the other side of the room, it has a bit of cottage feel to it and I need to make it all flow together.  Although it's not quite done, I'm loving the direction it's going in, 
this has been my most fave bedroom design thus far. With a few more changes I think it will look really great. I just wanted to share with you the changes I have made so far...
Thanks for stopping by!
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