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Monday, February 4, 2019

Incorporating A Red Rug into a Neutral Farmhouse home

When you think farmhouse, you probably don't think of the color red.
Ya, me neither, in fact, I really am not a fan of the color, especially if it's a wall.
It's not the color you would mix in your stereotypical farmhouse decor, but if you have followed me for a while, you probably have realized I don't do stereotypical, in fact some things aren't even farmhouse at all. I still love them and incorporate them tho, cause that's just how I roll.
 I enjoy an eclectic flare to my decor even though I keep it pretty neutral,
and if you asked me if I liked the color red,
I would straight up tell you NO!


I think it's safe to say I have a bit of an obsession with a red rug...
Whether or not it's traditional or Middle Eastern, I just love buying them.
I really don't think there is anything classier than a well made, beautiful patterned, bold red rug.
However, with that being said, they don't always last long in my rotation of decor.
That's because sometimes it can not only be hard to pull off, but also limiting.
I personally have four, two large area rugs and two runners.

I would have more, but have literally had to give myself talks about how
 it wouldn't be practical, especially if I was just going to rotate it out for something neutral in a few months. I mean, storing such large rugs is not an easy thing to do.
But adding a red rug to a neutral home adds such a punch of color. While I love my jute rug in the living room,  it's hard not to notice a beautiful commanding red rug in a well put together room.

This space comes alive and jumps off the neutral and white tones through out 
the house and it really grounds each space. I also think it lends to a modern aspect as well.
My favorite time to incorporate these rugs are right after Christmas,
 when we have a long gap of winter. It's not quite spring yet, 
and the weather doesn't feel quite right to bring out all my floral and pastels. 
So adding these bold patterned rugs to my space helps create a new look and
 transitions my decor throughout winter and into spring.
Speaking of spring, it won't be long now... it's right around the corner! I did order a new rug, I know, I'm a rug addict, I just couldn't help myself... Boutique Rugs was having an additional 40% off sale, soooo... I kind of had too... at least that's what I'm telling myself. So I'm thinking of my spring decor as I type... and I'm thinking of adding some blush accents? I have always wanted too, but just never have... I think this is the year!


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