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Monday, March 4, 2019

Anthropologie Inspired Tassel Blanket

Hi friends!
 It's been a while since I could get my life together and actually get a post done!
 I have about 4-5 drafts just waiting to be written,
 but I never can get the energy to hit that edit button and write them... 
This One.
This one I was so excited about, so I made the effort!
Today I'm talking about how I took a plain, old, handmade, thrift store blanket and turned into an Anthropologie inspired treasure!
And I'm so excited to share this with you!

So here's the blanket, I found this at my local thrift store close to a year ago, 
I can usually find these type of crochet blankets. It was in such good shape and handmade, even tho I was never going to use it in my decor... I just couldn't let it go to waste... I knew if I could jazz it up some how , it would have a chance to be featured in my living room
So I stored it for nearly a year,
 just waiting and brainstorming of how I could reinvent this once
 sad discarded little blanket... well actually it's really long.
I'm standing on some suitcases in this photo below holding it up and it
 still reaches the ground and puddles!

Supplies you will need:

Yarn Skeins-different style/colors.
Small note pad- you need something to wrap your yarn around

Ok, so here we go...

To create the tassels, you will start with the yarn of your choice, 
start by wrapping the yarn around the pad. 
Wrap the yarn about 20 times. Slide the bundle off.
Cut a piece of yarn from the skein and knot it through the loop of the bundle.
Do not cut the loose strings at the top, this will be how you attach it to the blanket.
Once that is done, cut another piece of yarn from the skein and knot around the top of the bundle to create the head of the tassel.
Like so.
Your tassel will still be looped at the bottom, 
so insert your scissors and cut to create the fringe of the tassel.
Once you have created all your tassels,
 decide on your placement and loop the strings at the top of the tassel
 through the blanket and knot. You can then cut the extra strings if you would like.
I staggered my tassels like this.
For the ends, I choose some chunky wool, in some brighter fun colors.
I was really wanting something whimsical so I chose a coral, a sea green and
 a grey mauve just to ground those two...
For the ends, 
I just wove the chunky yarn in and out of the loops of the blanket.
Super simple, but oh so cute!
This also really intrigued the cat...
You can do this as many times as you want, but it surprisingly gets tiring..
 so I just did it once per color...
When your done not the ends and leave a tail for some character to the blanket.
Your done with your masterpiece! Curl up with it, share it with your friends, gift it... whatever!
It's a work of art and you will be so please with it!
Similar blankets like this sell on Anthropologie for over 
Not only do I love saving money, 
but I love creating one of a kind pieces.
So head out to your local thrift store and start scouring for those crochet gems!
However if this is too much or you hate crafting,
here are some blankets that are beautiful and whimsical for you to purchase.
No judgments :)

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  1. Oh my word, i love it. Such a gorgeous blanket. Great job.

    1. Thank you Marty! I was so excited to finally be able to utilize it!!

  2. Summer this is adorable. I bet it would cost an arm and a leg if you were to purchase it like this. The little guy must like it too!


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