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Monday, March 11, 2019

Spring cleaning in the Farmhouse dining room and a vintage mirror

I have been doing some major spring cleaning/baby proofing in the house.
It's been extremely difficult doing this with...
well a baby and one that's hell on wheels...literally (in a walker)
 Let's just say... nothing is safe!

So I took it upon myself to also update that little vintage mirror you see hanging on the perfectly old chippy door! It used to be a very dark almost black. So I gave it a fresh coat of gold spray paint. My fave gold is the one Rustoleum makes and I have tried them all!

I also started rearranging my china hutch, I take some display dishes off the endcap of my island after they came tumbling done to the ground.... courtesy of my 8mos old.
I had to rearrange and organize to fit everything.... 
but I'm not complaining, it needed to be done anyways.
And now it looks soooo much better... the hutch was quickly becoming a catch all of sorts, and not something you want to see through glass doors, 
plus it's just too pretty and chippy to not be decorated correctly.
I'll be sharing more of my updates soon!
Happy Spring Cleaning friends!



  1. Ahh the good old days when nothing was safe from prying little hands. My home had become one giant play area for the kids Summer. I sacrificed style for convenience but now that they are grown I can finally try to find my style again! Haha!! Your little one is a handful but that is as it should be just enjoy these moments. He is adorable in that walker!!

  2. Love your dining room. So full of gorgeous treasures and that mirror is stunning.


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