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Monday, March 18, 2019

Tissue Paper Rose Tutorial

Happy Monday friends!
I'm so excited to share this tutorial with you! This is a fun and inexpensive
 way to bring some florals into your home with out breaking the bank!

Believe it or not, these are all made out of tissue paper, 
I just can't get over how realistic they look.
I briefly looked out some tutorials of other peoples roses,
 I try not to do to much cause I always want to make my own and pave my own way.
So here's what you will need!


Tissue Paper
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters

So lets get started! 
First things first,
 the one thing that will make your roses look
 more realistic is to rip your pieces of paper, the more ridges the better, 
this will help the roses look so much more natural. Most people cut them with scissors, 
don't do this. So take a sheet of paper and rip 5 sections, from small to large. 
Don't worry if they are uneven, it's fine.
So take the smaller piece and this will be the center. 
Start wrapping it around it's self to form the bud.
Like so...
Keep wrapping until your bud looks like this.
Take the next smallest piece 
of tissue paper and start wrapping it around the bud.
Keep wrapping.
For the next one, you can start crumpling the tissue, 
it will lend to more of a natural appearance.
Start wrapping a third piece, this is hard to explain but when you are wrapping, 
start bunching the paper a bit, but secure it while holding it at the tip.
This will start making your rose larger and start forming the petals.
Like so.
You will keep doing this process with the rest of the tissue strips.
Once you have formed your rose, you will tie it off with the floral wire.
Now you can start fluffing and tearing your
 rose petals if you need to.By tearing the petals, you will reveal the 
layers beneath and this will also help with the realism of the roses.
Once you are done, set back and admire your beautiful rose, 
or make a few dozen more:)

There are so many amazing things you can make with these, you can
 frame mirrors, frames, bouquets or make wreaths!
Happy crafting friends!
And... thanks for stopping by!



  1. Truth! Summer, I have never seen such realistic paper roses before. What a great tutorial and one I am going to share!!


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