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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Floor Pops by Wall Pops | Master Bath | Week 4 ORC

Hey guys! It's week 4 of the ORC and the bathroom is coming along!
I want to share my new floor with you! This post is sponsored by Wall Pops
So, Wall Pops was generous enough to supply me with their flooring product called Floor Pops
They are vinyl peel and stick floor tiles that come in many different patterns. 
They are super easy to use and cut! Plus they are budget friendly!
 My bathroom project is 100% on a tight budget but, with a big look!
I started off by cleaning my tile floor really good.
 I vacuumed and scrubbed with bleach...Cinderella style...
I started in a corner and worked my way out.
These are so easy to use and if you had a smaller, 
not many angle cuts space, then this product is a dream...
 I had many angle cuts and a relatively large space, 
obviously it wasn't impossible, but it was a bit challenging... the good news is,
 these tiles are easy to cut with just craft scissors or a box blade.
I chose the pattern Altair
I adore this pattern and it has lightened and modernized this space so much but the quilt design is a throw back to the country/farmhouse style. Plus you can't go wrong with classic black & white.
Make sure you have a helper!;)
I got this done over a course of three days, but that is just cause I took my time...
 and I have a 10 mos old, so there's that...
I also did this entirely by myself... while watching a baby at times...
 so ya...easy peasy
I haven't had any issues with peeling up, of course it's been 5 days... but so far so good.
Eventually I will do real tile, but this is so much better than that tan marble or limestone... IDK what it is... I'm just glad to be out of Brown Town!
I'm going to caulk the edges just to hide any jagged cuts and little mistakes.
Sorry I didn't get a final pic...the bathroom is a total mess, also I had to take my car in for repair and the baby is teething like a wild man... so... I haven't had much time... in fact I just wrote this post like 5 minutes ago:) Needless to say I'm going to be under the gun to even get this done... but I thrive under pressure... or at least that's what I'm telling myself...
But I love this floor!
Big Big Thanks for Wall Pops and their generosity
I so appreciate you and can't wait to showcase this floor in the final reveal! 
It really is a show stopper.

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Even tho I was provided this product, all opinions are my own.



  1. Summer that is one beautiful floor. It looks so regal. I have to go back and look at your other posts for the ORC.

    1. Thank you Mary! It turned out pretty cool, I'm really happy with it... until the day I can do actual tile;)

  2. Very cool floor tile! I may have to use this in a few places in our home where new tile isn't an option.

    1. Yes thank you! I love it and it's a great option when tiling isn't:)


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