Master Bath | Week 2 & 3 | ORC 2019 | Raising A Farmhouse

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Master Bath | Week 2 & 3 | ORC 2019

Hey guys!
So I never got  my second ORC post done,
we ended up going out of town to a Willie Nelson concert in Austin, TX last weekend so between getting everything done and packing, I just couldn't get it together long enough to snap any pics...
But here we are... and we are moving along!
I got quite a bit done.
I was able to get the cabinets painted. I did the technique similar to the kitchen island and my entry way doors. It's a fuax Limed Oak finish and it's my absolute fave...
 oh I almost forgot, my dining room table is done in this too... ya I love it....
You can find that tutorial here
I added a door to that little open tv cabinet and we got the perfect little louver door
 from Habitat for Humanity. I had my husband make a handle for me to match the hardware I got:)
I absolutely love it! My husband restores vintage cars in his spare time, so he learned to weld several years ago, so I'm a lucky girl that he could make me a custom handle like this....
I need to spray it gold to match the other hardware and then some how cover up
 that hole in the door and I will be done with this little project!
So here's the list... in list form

1. New Flooring
2. Paint Cabinets
3. Shiplap/ paint ceiling
4. New light fixtures
5. Epoxy Countertops
6. New Cabinet Hardware
7. Door for cabinet/new handle
8. Paint tile around tub
9.subway tile the steps
10. Decor

I'm really worried I won't finish this...
I always forget how hard it is to do a project with a really, I forget...then I'm quickly reminded! But I keep telling myself any progress I make is good:)
This week, I will be working on painting the ceiling, and the floor!
Wish me luck!
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  1. I kind of think the ceiling looks good a darker color. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the end.

  2. Thank you Sweet friend! I think you will like the end result!;)


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