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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

DIY Panda Marble Epoxy Counter tops | ORC Week 5

You guys, I just realized this is week 5... 
I was seriously writing my Whoa-hes me I didn't finish post... so I am so pumped I still have another weekend!! LOL Ok so here is what I got done for week 5...
I focused on doing my counter top in epoxy.
I had originally painted the dark corian counters a few years ago...
it lasted all right, but I was ready for an upgrade.
I'm a firm believer in use what you have if it's good. 
So my counter and my faucet were still good... they just needed some revamping.
So I chose a very budget friendly counter top solution.
Epoxy Resin Countertops
I started by sanding the counter top and removing any lose or chipped paint.
Then I taped off the vanity with plastic.
I got my mixing bowls ready, my rustoleum paint in white and black, 
I followed the directions on the bottle using equal parts of resin and hardner.
I mixed in my base color, I did a very very light grey by mixing a little bit of black in the white Rustoleum. I mixed and then poured.
You can see how I created this Panda Marble look on my Instagram highlights.
I show videos on how I create the veins.
You can follow me on IG @raisingafarmhouse

I wish you guys could see it in person, it looks so much better.
The integral sink is not exactly my fave look, but like I said, I'm a big believer of using what you have and not going into debt. So with that being said... I really love how it turned out.
I wanted a really bold look, for some reason when I torched the countertop, the black rustoleum kept seperating and wouldn't stay as thick as I wanted.

But I did get this strong black vein... and I love it.
It made the rest of the whimpy ones worth it...

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So as I mentioned, I revamped my faucet...
it was originally oil rubbed bronze, but it had a lot of rust bubbles on it...
not sure why or what caused it, but I decided to sand it down and spray it black,
I also revamped the handles and replaced them with a vintage cross handle look.

I used these and sprayed the base black as well.

I absolutely love the new look!!
This faucet isn't plumbed in yet,
but I can't wait to get it functioning and get my husbands vanity epoxied.

Here's what I have left

So here's the list... in list form

1. New Flooring
2. Paint Cabinets
3. Shiplap/ paint ceiling
4. New light fixtures
5. Epoxy Countertops (well One is done)
6. New Cabinet Hardware
7. Door for cabinet/new handle
8. Paint tile around tub
9.subway tile the steps
10. Decor

You can see my original Epoxy post here
You can read my one year review of my kitchen counters here
and if you are interested in epoxying your counter tops
you can 
 This obviously was not the easiest DIY I have ever done, but it wasn't the hardest. Honestly, I really enjoyed it, and the prep was the hardest part. The actual pouring and swirling of the epoxy was super fun and you can be as creative or as conservative as you want.
 If you are just starting out with DIY,  they do sell a $50 test kit,
which for inexperienced folks would help you get the feel of how epoxy works...
and if you use the code...
(all lowercase no spaces)

you will get $10 off your purchase, this is also good if you want to just go straight to buying everything you need. But there is a $100 minimum.
  One gallon will cover 50 sq ft.
You can purchase the Epoxy here and only here.

It looks like I might be able to actually finish! I'm so excited!
So what do you think about my DIY Panda Marble?
Do you like the bold marble look or do you like a look more like my kitchen counters.
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  1. Oh my word, it looks amazing. I love it. What a fabulous job.

    1. Thank you so much Marty! It is coming right along! I can't wait to finish it:)

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  3. Amazing! I just bought my own expoxy kit from Stone Coat. I love the things you have done and I can't wait to do my master and guest bathrooms! Thanks for sharing!


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