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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We’re Stripping Our hand-scrapped Wood Floors

So, it’s been a while since I have written a post... so much has happened... ummmm... we bought another house, moved and listed the farm for sale... shocking right... what’s even more shocking is we took the farm OFF the market and decided to keep It and...move back...

Crazy you say? 
Why yes, yes we are, 
but regretful... 
absolutely not...
So before we move back in, we are making some changes to our home to make it a bit more what we would have 
wanted in a new home.

First we ripped off the board and batten, we are wanting a more modern and clean look. We also took down the middle beam and are just going to have two beams instead of three.
We then painted the living and kitchen area in 
SW Dover White.
You can also see the original floors, they were hand scraped and a very warm orangey brown stain. 
I have wanted to change these floors for a very long time, seven to be exact, so I’m very excited to finally get the 
floor of my dreams.

We rented a drum floor sander from Home Depot, it wasn’t easy but we finally got through every painstaking pass. It took many swipes over ever single board to 
get the ridges flat.
We also rented an edger and my husband manhandled that machine to get the edges sanded down. 
2 days of sanding with the rented machines and 
one day of hand sanding to get the final touch ups. 
I am so beyond sick of sanding...
So here are some pics unfiltered.
I have started the staining process and included 
some before and afters. I will do another post on 
how I custom mix my stained. 

I missed the blog and hope to be a bit more current in the future, lots of projects going on, so I will be sharing more:)
Hope you all are doing amazing!

~ Summer



  1. Glad to have you back - missed the posts. Looking forward to seeing your new decor style as I have also been moving towards a more modern clean look - and you always have such creative ideas!

  2. Iala, thank you so much for the kind words, we are super expand I’m pumped for get some fresh new decor in there! I’ll be sharing more soon sweet friend ��


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