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Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Credit Repair Story with Lexington Law Firm

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Hi friends, it's been a while!
Life has been so crazy lately, am I right?!? With all this unexpected free time, I have had a chance to re-prioritize some things, and I wanted to share with you what I'm currently working on.

Let's talk about credit for a minute, it's kind of a taboo subject not many people want to share about and yet it's something that we all have to have, and we want the absolute best we can get.  I'm going to share with you a bit about my credit journey, my goals and my reason behind choosing the credit professionals at Lexington Law Firm.
At first glance you might think I have it all together, we have a beautiful home, great credit and we have lots of goals. But, have you ever heard the phrase, don't compare your Chapter 1 to someone else's Chapter 52? There's a reason for this and I'm going to take you back to my Chapter 1. 
My life wasn't always this great, I didn't have my priorities in order and I had no clue what my life would be like or even a real goal...It began like this, I grew up hearing "don't ever get a credit card".  You see my parents had gotten themselves into quite a bit of credit card debt when they were younger and were slowly digging themselves out, so their advice to me was "don't do it". This is absolutely the worst advice you could give someone by the way. You have to have credit. So I went off into the world with absolutely no clue and even worse: no credit. I met my husband in college and we got married  in 2004.  My husband also had bad credit, debt, and was in collections. His parents never taught him how to properly manage money and use credit. They were making their own mistakes at the time so they had no knowledge and/or advice to offer.  We were just two young kids living in an apartment (that my mom co-signed for) and dreaming one day about home ownership. That was our main goal, to one day buy our very own home. 
However I quickly found out, having no credit was even worse than having bad credit. So we decided we needed to build my credit and repair my husband's credit. It was a slow and painful process, this was back when bill collectors could call and harass you and I
mean harass you. We got to the point we were screening our calls and really checking the caller ID. I remember One bill collector even called my husband's platoon sergeant and they got into it over the phone. Shortly after that I think there was a bill passed that bill collectors were not allowed to harass and say hateful things to you. We also searched for a credit card that I could apply for, it took awhile but I finally got one, we added my husband's name to it and we started using it sparingly and paying it off, keeping a low balance and making payments on time. One error on your credit, like a late payment can drop your score so much. We also started calling all the creditors that my
husband owed and seeing what was the lowest amount they would settle his bill for. It took about 3-4 years, but one by one, we paid them off.
In 2007 my husband graduated ROTC and immediately went to Iraq. During his deployment I lived in a small apartment, I drove my old car from high school and I worked two jobs. Between the two of us we were able to save over $50K. I ended up starting construction on our home while my husband was overseas and by the end of the deployment in 2008 we moved into our brand new home. We had finally met our goal of home ownership.
 Since then, we have bought and sold 4 homes. Our goals have grown so much, we now live in our forever home that we are turning into our dream property. We have a beautiful son, and we are now thinking about his financial future and what that is going to look like. We have a goal of starting our own business before my husband retires in 9 years. We still have good credit, however remember that joint credit card I mentioned earlier? Well one day they called my husband and said they were going to terminate the card for inactivity. Since it's our longest running credit, we wanted to keep it, so my husband bought a tank of gas... then he forgot he did that... so we ended up getting a late payment reported to two of the creditors. It ended up dropping my husband's score from an 800 to a 720 and it dropped mine to an 820. One little late payment...even though we have a slew of on time payments and good credit history, it didn't matter. Did you know that a late payment can stay on your history for up to seven years? That's why I chose to work with Lexington Law Firm because they have been working in credit repair since 2004, they know the ins and outs of credit repair and can use the law to help fight for your right to good credit. I signed up with them and the process was seamless, I spoke with a representative who was extremely pleasant and she walked me through the process of how to go about requesting these negative items being removed from my credit. It's also very affordable, Lexington Law Firm offers packages that meet everyone's needs, and they start as low as $24.95 a month.  The whole thing is pretty hands off on my part. They do all the leg work and keep me in the loop with emails and copies of documents. She said it typically takes around four to six months to have things like this removed. It sounds like a long time, but in the grand scheme of life six months is nothing. Besides we didn't come this far, to just come this far and let one late payment stop our goals. I do have a peace of mind knowing that  an experienced credit repair firm is fighting for my rights with all the legal knowledge of consumer protection laws.  It's just one less thing I have to have on my plate and honestly, that's a big relief.
We are in the process of selling a home we remodeled. We plan to pay off some debt, get our income to debt ratio lower and then start looking into starting a business. We aren't sure what yet but we will keep our minds and hearts open for new opportunities. I hope you are taking care in this difficult time and are thinking and prioritizing some of your goals. I hope you follow along with my credit journey over the next few months, and stay tuned for an opportunity to start your own credit journey!
Happy planning friends.


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